Morgan Stanley: Apple Car, if true, ‘one of the most important moments in transportation’

“Weighing in today on The Journal’s story yesterday that Apple’s (AAPL) going to ship its own car in 2019 are Morgan Stanley analysts Adam Jonas, who follows Tesla Motors (TSLA), and is one of the biggest bulls on its stock (he recently set a $465 price target, as my colleague Ben Levisohn noted), and Katy Huberty, the Morgan analyst who regularly follows Apple, and who is a bull on its stock,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s. “The assessment of the authors, and their co-author colleagues: This is big.”

We believe the opportunity for tech firms to disrupt the auto industry is large enough to fundamentally and permanently change how investors view transportation… setting off a wholesale reassessment of end market sizing, growth, competitive dynamic, margin potential and valuation […] The addressable market for mobility is on the order of $10 trillion (10 trillion vehicle miles x $1/mile), more than 13% of global GDP. This figure ignores the value of the time of the driver, infrastructure, social and environmental costs… If the world’s most valuable company were to make a car, we strongly believe it will be an all- electric, battery-powered vehicle. Apple Car as per Richard ScarryHaving a company with Apple’s resources and technical expertise throw its weight behind EVs could accelerate development and consumer adoption.

Ray reports, “Interestingly, the authors make no mention of Tesla, nor of General Motors nor any other auto maker, but they opine, ‘a potential confirmation of Apple making a move into the car industry could represent one of the most important moments in the history of transportation.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in March: When Apple enters markets, it’s because they can bring something(s) so unique to the table that significant disruption is inevitable.

Apple does not enter markets simply to compete with the rest of the existing dreck. Apple only enters markets when they can disrupt them. See: Palm, BlackBerry, Nokia, etc. In other words, it’s never too soon to start praying for more government bailouts, GM et al.

When Apple looks at what categories to enter, we ask these kinds of questions: What are the primary technologies behind this? What do we bring? Can we make a significant contribution to society with this? If we can’t, and if we can’t own the key technologies, we don’t do it. That philosophy comes directly from [Steve Jobs] and it still very much permeates the place. I hope that it always will.Apple CEO Tim Cook, March 18, 2015

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  1. …Apple’s (AAPL) going to ship its own car in 2019

    No! Setting aside the fact that this is mere rumor, this is a DEVELOPMENT GOAL! It has NOTHING to do with a hard shipping date.

    As usual: TechTardiness is rampant. Learn that of which you speak, Morgan Stanley! You screwed up and are misleading your readers into further TechTardiness.

    1. BTW: I’ve been searching for the source article from The Journal by Morgan Stanley analysts Adam Jonas, Ben Levisohn, and Katy Huberty. I can’t find it and therefore can’t elaborate my comments.

      Which leads me to wonder if Tiernan Ray of Tech Trader Daily at Barrons is sending us off into a hallucination. He didn’t offer a source link.

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