Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina has a long history of talking about Steve Jobs

“During Wednesday’s debate, hosted by CNN, Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina said that Steve Jobs had called her on the day she was fired as CEO of Hewlett-Packard,” David Goldman reports for CNN. “‘Hey, been there, done that — twice,’ Jobs said, according to Fiorina… In an op-ed on in August, Fiorina compared herself to Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Michael Bloomberg and Oprah — because they were all fired at least once.”

“In an interview with Bizwomen in February, Fiorina said that Jobs gave her the ‘best career advice’ she ever got after she was fired: ‘Do nothing for six months so you really know what you want to do,'” Goldman reports. “Though HP and Apple were rivals during Fiorina’s tenure as CEO, Fiorina and Jobs did do a rather strange business deal in 2004: Apple agreed to sell iPods through HP’s sizable distribution channels, marketed as the ‘Apple iPod+HP.’ It helped the iPod get sold at Walmart for the first time.”

“After poor sales, HP ended its distribution deal with Apple in July 2005 (after Fiorina had been fired),” Goldman reports. “HP agreed to continue pre-loading iTunes onto its PCs and committed not to release an iPod competitor until 2006 — and Apple eventually started selling iPods in HP’s retailers anyway — which led some to believe that Jobs duped Fiorina into a bad deal. (Some friend!)”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote on February 9, 2005:

Let’s face it, Fiorina got jobbed by Apple CEO Steve Jobs with the “Apple iPod by HP” deal. We actually felt bad for her, seeing her onstage holding up that blueish-grey iPod mockup. Steve must have had a really good laugh after he got the ink on that deal. How could Fiorina justify that deal with HP’s slogan “Invent” plastered everywhere? It was totally ridiculous. Why not just come right out and say, “Oh, ‘Invent’ is only a marketing slogan, we don’t really invent anything anymore, silly!” Fiorina always seemed to be in over her head and HP will probably be better off now.

Steve Jobs may well have been friends with Fiorina, but regarding the “Apple iPod by HP” deal, as Carl Icahn said: “You learn in this business: If you want a friend, get a dog.”

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  1. I don’t get this…

    “After poor sales, HP ended its distribution deal with Apple in July 2005 …. 2006 — and Apple eventually started selling iPods in HP’s retailers anyway — which led some to believe that Jobs duped Fiorina into a bad deal.”

    huh? HP ended the deal and Apple has to approach retailers themselves. How was HP duped or am I missing something?

    1. Because it started with the 4th gen iPod, which was the first iPod design that treated Windows customers as equals. Previous iPods targeted Mac users; it was a compromised experience for Windows users.

      Apple needed to get (the new) iTunes for Windows installed on Windows PCs. HP sold a lot of PCs, and a key part of the deal was to have iTunes pre-installed on them. Selling iPods through HP was a secondary goal. And the “HP iPod” was the same iPod, expect it came formatted for Windows with an HP logo on the back. The “Apple iPod” works fine with Windows, so customers just kept buying them from Apple and other Apple-authorized retailers, while Apple benefitted from having iTunes pre-installed on a large percentage of new Windows PCs.

    1. So you vote for someone for their position regarding planned parenthood. That she cant express any other opinion clearly on any other subject except to appeal to your emotions, thats fine with you. You just dont care about the economy, education, the military, that she seems to worry more about a foreign power, Israel, than whats good for the USA. Again appealing to your emotions and religious brain.
      Crazy way to vote. The one man I think has it together in that bunch is governor Kasich.

      Governor Pataki said soemthing great the other day. Something that most people that think like you dont ever bother to pay attention to because you are too busy with the minutia. He said, “there is a place when religion take precedent over the rule of law. That place is called Iran.”
      I bet you think that Kim Davis is a law abiding citizen…lol

      1. Here’s a candidate for U.S. President being interviewed on a major U.S. network by a DEMOCRAT OPERATIVE masquerading as a journalist. This is what passes for “news” in the U.S. today in 2015. Despicable and sad. Yet, she mops the floor with him because she is is right and he is wrong.

        Democrats, why do you love murdering babies so much that you’ll do anything to try to protect your “right” to murder babies?

          1. You lie. But, I don’t blame you. I’d be in self-delusion, too, if I backed murdering babies in order to sell their body parts for profit.

            Monstrous business that I’m very proud to oppose.

          1. Typical lame attempt at obfuscations, but there’s really no way to hide the facts in this case.

            Fiorina’s point is true: viable babies are being killed and their body parts are being sold for profit. This is what the Democrat Party stands for in the U.S.A. It’s barbarous, soulless, and pure evil as so is anyone who defends or backs such crimes against humanity.

  2. Only thing is, Steve Jobs always voted Democrat.

    Not that he was a rabid democrat nor he liked the candidates or the presidents, but he was a liberal and a democrat.

    Whether you like it or not, he would have voted for one in the other side.

      1. Some of us have thought about it, but the thoughts that filled our heads were influenced by right-minded people, and our misgivings were crushed by their rebuttals, and we retreated submissively to our social desire to conform.

          1. What are you trying to get at? Who would vote for a community organizer for president? If a candidate were to have work for McDonalds, prior to city council member, mayor, senator, are they still a hamburger flipper when they run for president? I think you focusing on the wrong thing. A CEO who ruins a company, is fired from a second company, sorely misses a localized campaign, is not simply unqualified for the highest seat in the nation, they just aren’t a good candidate. There are a lot of other bad candidates but I know more about Carly then I know about the others. She’s bad mojo.

            1. I guess you don’t know much about Obama:

              Community Organizer

              1 term Senator that always voted present and was not on any committees.

              I guess to you that is enough experience. That is what I am getting at.

              Also, your “facts” about Carly are wrong. And since we are talking about failures, let’s talk about Hillary. She has FAILED at everything. Or don’t you read?

            2. I am only taking about Carly. You want to toss other things in that have nothing to do with her then it’s not worth going any further. You are OT. And I never said anything about Obama.

            3. Back to Carly then.

              Obviously you did not read the New York Times otherwise you would have seen this statement made by then HP Board Member Tom Perkins and you would not have said what you said in your original post:

              “While lesser leaders would have accepted offers of transition plans and graceful resignations, Carly would have none of that. Carly demanded to be fired. In order to restore peace to the board I voted to fire her. That was a mistake.”

              If you know how to google you can read the rest.

              Any of the GOP candidates would be an improvement of what we got now, and I, just like Steve Jobs, don’t have to think about it.

      1. It’s okay I guess if it’s your Dear Leader and fellow DemoMarxists do it, I guess. You know like passing a health care so you can read it, stripping millions of their private healthcare and channeling them into overpriced Obamacare plans, taking their doctors away and inflating costs to boot; the worst post-recession recovery since the 1932 Depression with more Americans out of work since The Great Peanut Famer; using the IRS to suppress voters’ rights; the continued illegal wiretapping without due process; and the blatant refusal to enforce immigration law and protect our borders, a direct violation of his Constitutional oath!

        Yeah, you guys are so much better….

      1. You are right. I was mixing up with Meg Whitman. They both are unqualified. It’s beside the point. Thanks for pointing that out. Not bad info, but mixing it up. Check the stocks on Lucent, prior then after Carly was CEO. I know this because my family lost a lot of money.

        1. I won’t quibble about Lucent and all the other tech firms that went under or nearly died. I guess ALL of them were run by shabby CEOs.

          I would point out this article that claims Lucent was run in a typical late 90s bubble fashion (not that it was the right thing to do, but had the bubble slowly deflated rather than burst after 9/11, would Fiorina have been lambasted for NOT taking chances/looking forward?)

            1. No, not at all. Maybe bad judgement, misreading the economic winds, or going along with ‘accepted practices’ even if they were questionable.

              But what I don’t do is second guess someone who is in charge of enormous responsibilities unless I see a long track record. You may have seen much more about her than I.

              Even in the small-medium company I work for it is easy to see how hard it is to do the right thing several months, quarters, years and/or administrations down the line.

              If she were a corporate raider or outsider, that would make it easier, but coming from ATT, seems like she would have wanted to do what was best in a very competitive and turbulent time.

            2. She has a bad track record before HP. I saw the recent article about how HP wasn’t her fault. But it also said she wasn’t great. Not that I want to trash her. Let’s be fair. What “has” she done that would make me consider her a valid candidate? There are other women who I would like to see enter the race. But they are smart and want to stay out of it. She can’t run on woman power. That’s not fair to women. No she’s not a raider. My impression, is she means well, but doesn’t have the chops.

            3. Carly is the most impressive woman I have seen run for President or Vice-President, but I still don’t think she is ready.
              (and I am including Shirley Chisholm, Geraldine Ferraro, Sarah Palin, and the least qualified, Hillary)

              I have no desire to see a *woman* as President, but rather the most qualified person.
              If that *happens* to be a woman, so be it.

            4. I do have a desire to see a woman as president. But I would not want that to fall like some political domino to a less qualified candidate. Americans have seen that happen numerous times, and suffered years under poor leadership. I say, ditch the electoral college and go with the popular vote. Then wheeler-dealers can’t hijack the democratic process.

            5. Actually, the electoral college was set up to give smaller states the power to band to gather against a few of the larger states in controlling the Presidency.

              It was also intended as a rational chokepoint to keep hysteria from sweeping an election, such as a religious awakening giving us a theocrat, a triumphant war giving us a militarist, or an over-analyzing, weak and self absorbed low information group picking a person mainly for their race, sexuality, or religion.

              As you can see by the last two elections, it doesn’t always do its job. Let’s hope it does better examining Hillary….

  3. HP was selling MP3 players thanks to Apple. When HP dumped Apple and tried to sell their own design, it was a blood bath. They should have stuck with the iPod. IT was making money.

  4. Someone needs to tell Carly that there is no golden parachute associated with the POTUS job. She made out like a bandit with her Lucent and HP gigs. She has shown genius in the way she destroyed both the value of HP (she destroyed half while there) and the culture. HP was one of the great engineering-based companies of all time. She converted it into a regular American business run by sociopaths.

    1. No golden parachute for former U.S. Presidents? Wrong.

      All living former presidents and their spouses are now entitled to receive lifetime Secret Service protection.

      Former presidents receive an annual pension of $203,700, as of 2015] The pension begins immediately after a president’s departure from office. A former president’s spouse may also be paid a lifetime annual pension of $20,000 if they relinquish any other statutory pension.

      Transition funding for the expenses of leaving office is available for seven months. It covers office space, staff compensation, communications services, and printing and postage associated with the transition.

      Private office staff and related funding is provided by the Administrator of the General Services Administration. Persons employed under this subsection are selected by and responsible only to the former president for the performance of their duties. Each former president fixes basic rates of compensation for persons employed for him (or her), not exceeding an annualized total of $150,000 for the first 30 months and $96,000 thereafter.

      This is statue. We won;t even get into the lucrative income derived by former POTUS and their spouses/children for speaking engagements (see: Bill and Hillary Clinton for a prime example) and books/memoirs.

  5. Hey! Let’s not forget that her claim about doubling HP was only due to a merger with Compaq. Or that she bailed on the company losses with a golden parachute of 100 million. Or that while at HP she approved the sale of computer equipment to Iran which was a felony at the time.

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