Why Apple wants to bring back the pencil

“Apple’s latest accessory is a return to the written word — not so much a stylus as a digital pen that harks back to the way that humans captured language for centuries before the keyboard made cursive an obsolete art,” Andrea Peterson and Brian Fung report for Bloomberg. “Analysts say the $99 Apple Pencil, announced Wednesday as an add-on to the new supercharged iPad Pro, is part of a wider move by the tech industry to convince consumers that computing doesn’t have to be limited to, well, computers and smartphones. Instead, Apple is focused on giving new, digital capabilities to more traditional platforms.”

“It’s no surprise to see Apple look back in time toward some of our most venerable productivity tools. Apple’s efforts go beyond the pencil, whose origins date back to 16th-century Italy. The company’s new Smart Keyboard for the iPad also represents a departure of sorts — a recognition that newfangled touch interfaces have their limits,” Peterson and Fung report. “By returning to more physical forms of interaction, Apple is not only conceding that tablet users need more flexibility — it’s making an argument that even the most mundane-seeming items can become part of a sophisticated computing environment.”

“That’s perfectly fine — and it’s consistent with Apple’s goal of bringing other, heretofore undigitized routines into the modern age,” Peterson and Fung report. “‘If you think about the Apple Watch in particular,’ said Dan Cryan, an analyst at IHS, ‘and the iPad Pro demo, they were both squarely geared around almost traditional computing tasks as a way of illustrating what that future looks like — traditional computing tasks being taken onto the watch or the tablet.””

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s simple: Finger-driven Multi-Touch first with specialized input devices for specific use cases. If you use an iPad and you want to type a lot, get an Apple Smart Keyboard; if you sketch a lot, get an Apple Pencil. It doesn’t get much simpler that that.

Also, there’s this predictable meme over Steve Jobs’ scorn for styluses as per Apple Pencil. Jobs is on record as eschewing a stylus for a 3.5-inch iPhone, not for a 12.9-inch iPad. Jobs was also on record against the following (to throw competitors off the trail) before he was for them: Cellphones, tablets, e-books, and video and movies on tiny little screens, to mention just a few.

Oh, by the way, in the interest of factually destroying a bad meme: Apple has been filing Apple Pencil-related patent applications since at least as far back as 2008, when Apple’s CEO was most definitely Steve Jobs.

As Justin Bariso, the founder Insight, writes for Inc., “Steve Jobs would have loved this stylus. In fact, he would have loved the entire event [on Spetember 9th]. This is the closest Apple has come to matching the extraordinary vision of the famous founder since his unfortunate passing four years ago.”

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