Hands-on Apple’s new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil

“The most obvious characteristic of the new iPad Pro is its 12.9 inch (32.8 cm) diagonal Retina display, featuring a 2732×2048 resolution at 264 pixels per inch,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider. “That’s just 0.4 inches (1 cm) smaller than Apple’s 13 inch Retina MacBook Pro, but it packs a million and a half more pixels (5.6M vs 4.1M). The new iPad Pro even packs more pixels than Apple’s larger 15 inch MacBook Pro (with a resolution of 2880×1800, or nearly 5.2M).”

“Another new feature of iPad Pro is its Smart Connector, a proprietary new magnetic interface that supplies both power and data to an attached peripheral,” Dilger reports. “The interface, which looks like three surface-flush circles, connects to Apple’s own new Smart Keyboard integrated into a folding screen cover, and will also be available for third parties to license for use in their own accessories. Logitech already has plans to introduce its own ‘Create’ keyboard in November.”

“Apple’s Smart Keyboard folds into a triangle like earlier iPads’ Smart Cover, creating a stand for the tablet, in contrast to the flip out leg on Microsoft’s Surface. The iPad Pro Smart Keyboard also feels more like real keys, as opposed to the mushy impression I’ve got from Surface keyboards,” Dilger reports. “Apple charges $99 for its optional digital Pencil (Microsoft’s Pen costs $50 on its own; it isn’t included in the lower-end Surface 3). That price difference reflects the fact that Apple’s Pencil is more sophisticated in a number of ways.”

“Apple Pencil has no buttons. In addition to detecting pressure, it can also detect angle and orientation, allowing it to perform as more than just a simple stylus; it can more closely emulate the behaviors of a pencil, charcoal or brush,” Dilger reports. “It uses a male Lightning connector to plug into the iPad Pro, once for initial automatic Bluetooth setup, and then subsequently to recharge. Apple says it only takes 15 seconds to charge the Pencil for 30 minutes of use, while a full charge lets it last for 12 hours. Surface Pen requires users to manually pair the Pen to a Surface using PC / Device / Bluetooth Settings while pressing a button on the Pen. It also uses disposable AAAA batteries, rather than recharging itself.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Not that long ago the videos above would be fanciful science fiction, special effects-laden mockups, not showing something you can actually buy and use starting at a mere $799.

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      1. Working – chug chug click chug.

        We are getting there. Since Sci Fi is pure imagination, there are always going to be idealistic attributes to technology, we will never be able to compete with. I suggest we are are there for the tablet, but computer voice UI is still behind what’s in the script. Sure it sounds good but system comprehension is still lacking. I think Gene was imaging the Etch A Skech as a computing device. But actually let’s step back a moment. We have no idea what that was. Stylistically speaking that might have been an attempt to show a futuristic memo pad with a futuristic pen, but still pen and paper, not digital. It wasn’t until Next Generation that we got a real digital pad with the LCARS system. And even still we have no idea how they are networked or powered. It’s all up in the air. I hope though we break some ground on power, soon. It’s close – I can feel it, but anxiously waiting.

        I am going to change my original post. “Wesley, please hand me that pad.” “Ai Yai, Captain, um sir.”

        Wait!!! There no stylus in TNG. Let’s call it a draw.

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