Microsoft kisses Tim Cook’s ring in front of millions

At Apple’s special iPhone/iPad/Apple TV/Apple Watch event yesterday, “Microsoft’s appearance was so very meaningful,” Cade Metz writes for Wired. “At one point, Microsoftie Kirk Koenigsbauer appeared on stage to demonstrate Microsoft Office apps running on the Apple iPad Pro, a new tablet ostensibly aimed at business customers. Technically, the demo was short on new stuff. Office will run on the Pro’s 12.9-inch screen, just like it runs on the smaller screens of current iPads. And one day, it will make nice with the Pro’s new stylus, Apple Pencil. But in the perception game, this was a heavy moment. Microsoft sells its own tablet, the Surface Pro. And it spent years not running Office on Apple hardware. Nonetheless, there was Koenigsbauer, helping Cook put on a show for the technorati.”

“For Microsoft, it was a moment of apotheosis,” Metz writes. “Since Satya Nadella took over as CEO last year, the company has pushed Office onto the iPhone as well as the iPad; open sourced its crown jewels of software development so people can build more Microsoft software that runs on Apple gear; and jettisoned its $7.6 billion effort to dominate the smartphone market with Nokia, a Finnish company famous for recent failure.”

Metz writes, “Kissing Cook’s ring was the next logical step.”

Apple iPad Pro and Apple Smart Keyboard
Apple iPad Pro and Apple Smart Keyboard

“If you hadn’t noticed before, the mobile wars are over… In today’s world, if Microsofts wants to be on mobile devices, it must jockey for position on the iPhone — just like everyone else. The latest position they’ll all tussle over: ‘3D Touch.’ Apple says that if you press really hard on its apps, other apps will pop up. So, naturally, everyone will want want to be one of those apps,” Metz writes. “Cozying up to Apple isn’t nearly as nice as running a market-dominating operating system. In their dreams, Microsoft and Facebook and Amazon would set their own rules for mobile devices, collect more of their own data, and bootstrap all sorts of their own services. But cozying up to Apple will have to do…”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote yesterday in our live event coverage:

Thanks to iPad Pro, Microsoft’s Surface is even deader than it is now – as MSFT employees help sell iPad Pro to the world from Apple’s stage.

Back in January 2005, a lot of people laughed when we wrote this:

As we have always said, even as many short-sightedly waved (and continue to wave) the white flag, the war is not over. And, yes, we shall prevail… No company is invincible. Not even Microsoft.

Who’s laughing now?

Apple iPads had physical keyboards three and a half years before Microsoft’s Surface tablet debut – September 10, 2015
Wired: Hands-on with Apple’s great, big iPad Pro and Apple Pencil – September 9, 2015
Apple introduces 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard – September 9, 2015


  1. Articles like these and comments from the gallery are exactly the reasons more and more people are growing to hate Apple and their user base. You are doing nothing to help the cause. Please stop this embarrassing behavior. You make me want to throw my iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac in the garbage heap. Face it, you haven’t gotten over the fact that MS has kicked Mac and iWorks in the nether region for decades…grow up.

    1. Should fans quit trash talking’ at NFL games? Come on! let the fans have a little fun when the team is winning! I think a lot of the bad feeling were built up by Balmer T. Clown, who made a point of belittling apple at every opportunity. Karma is a bitch!

  2. There’s a much larger picture here. In a ‘post-PC’ world where the consumerization of technology is driving enterprises to re-consider how they provide tools for their employees, Microsoft may be thinking they need Office on the iPad platform for sales reasons, but Apple is looking at the demise of the PC platform and realizing they have an opportunity to push Windows out the door entirely.

    Many organizations haven’t adopted the Mac due to a lack of available ‘Windows or business apps’. Those excuses are shrinking rapidly. With a price tag hovering around the same price as a lower tiered laptop, an iPad Pro w/keyboard and the new Pencil(awful name imho), enterprises can offer tremendous mobility, all-day battery, business-class performance and move away from ‘Dell Optimized Personal Computing’ or IBM’s horrible enterprise support for maintenance purposes.

    There is a much grander vision in place, especially when you consider the recent Cisco announcement for optimizing infrastructures to work closer with Apple’s hardware. Mark my words, the enterprises that ‘get-it’ will be markedly changed in a few short years….minus Windows.’

  3. Microsoft is the only company in the mobile phone business that has not copied apple. That is why Microsoft and Apple are getting along. Samsung and Google went out of there way to copy them. Hence the friction. It is not like the automobile industry that clearly invented the wheel?

  4. seriously? without Microsoft Office fully on board, a lot of “professionals” would turn their nose up at the new iPad Pro. as much as i’m an Apple fan, i think Microsoft’s involvement was important to the audience Apple’s trying to target with the “Pro”. there’s mutual benefit for both companies here, and calling Microsoft’s appearance “ring kissing” feels childish and myopic.

    1. The point is, fifteen years ago, Ballmer was dismissing Apple as a “rounding error”; their MS Office for Mac effort was still in existence for only two reasons: getting DOJ off their back (on anti-trust issues) and having that five-year deal with Apple that Jobs negotiated with Gates. The deal expired, but Ballmer kept Office:Mac in business since it wasn’t really losing money, but he kept going out of his way to dismiss and ridicule Apple.

      The ‘ring kissing’ comment refers the fact that MS is making a very specific effort to develop their crown jewel, MS Office, for iOS, and is willing to showcase it at Apple’s big event. Ballmer would have never considered this back then.

  5. After all the amazing graphics from the rest of the iPad presentation, Word looked like it was still stuck in an 8-bit color palette. Maybe MS’s secret agenda for the demo was to make the iPad Pro look like cheap hardware from the early ’90’s.

  6. For me, this is Microsoft getting real for a change. Microsoft has been slapped up, down and sideways attempting to keep up with Apple. They are giving up and doing what they do best: Providing Office and making it work great on Apple gear.

    It seems to me that is really is a ‘reversal of fortunes’ whereby Microsoft is returning to their original relationship with Apple. Fascinating.

  7. Schiller would have no reason to be embarrased if he felt no shame.

    Because the boors laughed does not mean I characterized all in attendance, I merely pointed out that cetain members of the audience were classless. Does this help you?

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