iPad Pro to start at $799; Apple TV to run new ‘tvOS’, sources say

“According to sources, the iPad Pro will actually start out at a 32GB capacity (which is still double the current 16GB base configuration of the iPad Air and iPad Mini lines) for $799,” Mark Gurman reports for 9to5Mac. “Apple will also sell 64GB and 128GB models for $899 and $999 a piece. The LTE-capable models we discussed earlier this week will likely cost $130 more per model, so we are likely looking at a maxed out LTE iPad Pro with 128GB of storage costing $1129, which comes in right under the base Retina MacBook.”

“The Apple TV will run a brand-new iOS 9-based operating system called ‘tvOS,'” Gurman reports. “We’re told that the operating system is based on the interface of the current Apple TV OS, but it includes lots of new iOS 9/El Capitan interface elements, including lots of transparency effects across the system.”

More details about iPhone 6s/Plus and Apple Watch in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Excellent pricing on iPad Pro! We’ll be clicking/tapping “Buy” immediately!

Now, how much for the Apple keyboard and smart-pen?


    1. Amazon offers a $50 tablet made from recycled Fire Phone parts and investors love it. Amazon stock is soaring and Jeff Bezos looks like a genius without any event at all.

      Apple is going to waste all this time and effort on some event and investors are going to hate every product Apple introduces. The stock will definitely tank. For Apple, it’s sell on the rumor and sell on the news. Really, what’s the point of having an event where the company is going to get chewed up and spit out? Just sell the damn products and eliminate the fuss and bother.

      1. The point is not to care about Wall Street wags and focus on the products and customer delight. If you work at Apple and you see that customers like the product of your hard labors then you’ve had a good day and you should be able to go home with a smile on your face.

      2. Well it’s not as though you are being asked to create or have to watch the “fuss and bother.” Most of us LOVE the “fuss & bother.” What you’re saying is Apple should be nothing special and like everyone else. Sorry, it never has and never will be like everyone else. As far as the stock tanking upon announcement of exciting new products you’re probably right. When Wall Street is proven wrong time and time again about Apple it veers into a question of abject stupidity and complete incompetence on their part. Or disingenuous manipulation.

      3. That’s the typical Wall Street analyst short-sighted view…which I personally ignore.

        Wall Street is all about “will it make us money in the next 6 months or less?” If it’s past that timeframe, it’s a “Sell” rating or at best, “Hold.”

        Real investors care about the next 5-10 years, as do real companies like Apple. They’re positioning themselves for the long haul, and I’m doing the same thing with my own portfolio (though I don’t have nearly as much AAPL as I once did).

      4. I hate to admit it, but I was thinking the very same thing, L_B48. These “dog and pony” shows haven’t worked out well since Steve did them a bunch of years ago. If my wife and I weren’t really, REALLY long on AAPL, we’d sell it all today. Right now. However, having owned since 1988, we’ll stay the course, up or down.

  1. Hmmm… tvOS sound awfully similar to the plural of TiVo…. I’m sure it will be tempting to pronounce it “Tee-Vos”… Or, “The new Apple TV can record streaming video using ‘Tee-Vos'”. Deliberate? Conspiracy?

    1. T.V. is normally pronounced Tee Vee and O.S. is normally pronounced Oh Ess, so it seems rather obvious that it’s either going to be pronounced Tee Vee Oh Ess or else TeeVee Oss, which sounds nothing at all like TiVo, so there are no conspiracies to worry about.

  2. 900 to 1100 bucks for a giant, still hobbled iPad, when I already have an Air 2?

    I’ll pass!

    But they’re calling it a “Pro”!

    What a joke! Another Tim Cook addition to the Apple Hall of Shame. This will be nicely displayed alongside the Apple Stupidwatch, the One Port Crapbook, and the Trashcan Mac Semi-Pro.

    Everything this guy touches turns to sh$t.

    1. I look forward to seeing the look on your crestfallen face when the iPad Pro is a blazing success, especially after Tim demonstrates it’s worthiness and desirability today. (And then you saddling up slowly to an Apple Store, looking around to make sure no one you know see’s you, and then buying one.)

      The only way anything is a “ripoff” is if it doesn’t suit your lifestyle, so why would you buy it in the first place? Also a transparent concept with you just wishing for lower prices so you can afford it which just means “I need to get a better job to buy the good stuff.” I don’t think BMW, Audi, Tesla and others will lower their prices either based on your economic affordability level, much as you might like one.

    2. Lots of 1 stars for your post but that’s what you’ll get from apple fanboys who would praise an Apple toilet just because Apple sells it.

      I think your post hits the nail on the head.

      Plus that “event” was the worst EVER!!! I thought the one in the spring was bad. The good thing is no more wasted days looking forward to, or watching any more of these events for me. Complete waste of time!

      I miss Steve Jobs’ presentations. He was GREAT at it.

  3. Why can’t Apple allow AppleTV to run iOS? What’s the big deal? Apple has a wildly popular mobile OS with tons of games and apps and yet they don’t bother to use it for AppleTV. Why reinvent the wheel?

      1. I actually take back that comment, because of the pen(cil) tech apple demonstrated. Students/Engineers/Designers/Artists/Salespeople will love this thing. I’m hoping that, in time, the pencil will work on all iPads.

  4. The new OS is based on the current Apple TV OS? I hope this referring to the base operating system and not the user interface as the Apple TV has one of the worst UIs I have ever used.

  5. Tofay is the day all Apple lifelong loyal useres give back boatloads of $$$$ to Apple by buying multiple products by the shitload !!!!

    Money earned from long AAPL investment and dividends, which basically amounts to : Apple buys new products for all long investments.

  6. I am watching right now!!! So at least we got an apple pencil?? WTF is that? then, they bring out an executive from Microsoft to help with a display of how the ipad pro works? I cannot believe this is happening! Wow…

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