Apple unveils the all-new Apple TV with Siri Remote, tvOS, and Apple TV App Store

Apple today announced the all-new Apple TV, bringing a revolutionary experience to the living room based on apps built for the television. Apps on Apple TV let you choose what to watch and when you watch it. The new Apple TV’s remote features Siri, so you can search with your voice for TV shows and movies across multiple content providers simultaneously.

The all-new Apple TV is built from the ground up with a new generation of high-performance hardware and introduces an intuitive and fun user interface using the Siri Remote. Apple TV runs the all-new tvOS™ operating system, based on Apple’s iOS, enabling millions of iOS developers to create innovative new apps and games specifically for Apple TV and deliver them directly to users through the new Apple TV App Store.

“There has been so much innovation in entertainment and programming through iOS apps, we want to bring that same excitement to the television,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, in a statement. “Apps make the TV experience even more compelling for viewers and we think apps represent the future of TV.”

The new Siri Remote dramatically simplifies how you select, scroll and navigate through your favorite content while bringing unique interactivity to the new Apple TV by using a glass touch surface that handles both small, accurate movements as well as big, sweeping ones. Adding touch to Apple TV creates a natural, connected experience, even if the TV screen is on the other side of the room. Developers can take advantage of the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, and the touch surface on the Siri Remote to create games and other app experiences that have never been seen on TV before.

The all-new Apple TV with Siri remote, tvOS, and Apple TV App Store
The all-new Apple TV with Siri remote, tvOS, and Apple TV App Store

With Siri, you can use your voice to search TV shows and movies by title, genre, cast, crew, rating or popularity, making it easy to say things like “Show me New Girl,” “Find the best funny movies from the ’80s,” “Find movies with Seth Rogan” and “Find popular TV shows for kids.” Apple TV will search iTunes and popular apps from Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Showtime, displaying all the ways the resulting TV shows and movies can be played. Siri also offers playback control and on-screen navigation, as well as quick access to sports, stock and weather information.*

tvOS is the new operating system for Apple TV, and the tvOS SDK provides tools and APIs for developers to create amazing experiences for the living room the same way they created a global app phenomenon for iPhone and iPad. The new, more powerful Apple TV features the Apple-designed A8 chip for even better performance so developers can build engaging games and custom content apps for the TV. tvOS supports key iOS technologies including Metal, for detailed graphics, complex visual effects and Game Center, to play and share games with friends.

Pricing & Availability

The new Apple TV will be available at the end of October starting at $149 (US) for a 32GB model and $199 (US) for a 64GB model from, Apple’s retail stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers. A new Xcode beta is available for developers today that includes the tvOS SDK at Developers can request an Apple TV developer kit at

*Siri availability and functionality varies by country. Subscription required for some content.

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  1. I bought the original apple TV – with a HD storage disk.
    I ripped loads of movies – but found I had to fill my iMac HD to keep them sync’d with the AppleTV.

    I have yet to embrace the idea of paying for stuff held in the cloud or on a pay per view basis so have not upgraded to the newer black boxes. My movies are in Blu Ray via a PS4.

    I still don’t find the latest itteration a compelling buy. A UK Freeview box gives you 100+ terrestrial digital channels of content – including all the major stations and a HUMAX box with YOUVIEW (& Freeview HD) gives you a recording, playback and series programming function. So, its going to remain on INPUT 1 for the TV & receiver.

    The PS4 is a proper gaming machine – on INPUT 2. And that has a lot of the additional features of Apple TV.

    Finally, Apple TV needs a good broadband connection – which is an additional cost factor to think about, so, for me it’s a pass.

  2. Within one year, AppleTV will have tens of thousands of compelling games on it, many for free, or at very low cost.

    There is an army of iOS developers, and they all have Apple’s SDK (Xcode). The effort to port from iOS to AppleTV is likely significantly lesser than to port, for example, from iOS to Android (or any other platform, mobile or desktop). With the ability to expand into new market by investing a little extra time, I’m sure developers will quickly take advantage of the new and growing platform that dominates people’s living rooms.

  3. There’s only one thing that bugs me about it. I’m certain that if SJ were still running Apple that remote would have just two buttons and a touchpad. Six is very un-Apple, even allowing for the TV volume control.

  4. I thought I could not live without TiVo DNR capabilities. I only watch TV when I can replay and skip through commercials. When I saw the gal tell Siri to replay and also to skip ahead, I nearly jumped out my chair. Jump ahead beats holding down fast forward on my TiVo. Count me in for the new Apple TV. In fact I am getting 2. Brilliant.

  5. Just looking at the Apple TV on the Apple site. It comes with a USB to Lightning cable and has a USB C port on the back. does anyone know if the cable is USB C and can it be used to charge the remote?

  6. I’m surprised that the Apple TV only got the A8 instead of the A8X, specifically for gaming.

    Unless having it plugged in all the time allows them to clock the CPU/GPU higher and that makes up for not putting in an A9 or A9X.

    Even the new Iphone 6s/6s Plus have an A9 processor, but perhaps it is clocked at a lower speed for battery life?

    Thoughts? Anyone bummed that the Apple TV doesn’t have the current A9 processor? Or do you think that it will be plenty fast due to the fact that it doesn’t need to worry about battery life?

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