Apple’s iPhone 6s and 6s Plus will become the best-selling smartphones of all-time

“I believe that the iPhone 6S family will outsell previous models, and that there will be countless millions more new iPhone users joining Apple’s ecosystem because of these upcoming handsets,” Ewan Spence writes for Forbes. “I think that Apple will retain far more of its existing users than other smartphone manufacturers. And I believe that the changing nature of the mobile phone market may not reflect the success of the iPhone in market share numbers.”

“That growth is predominately at the lower end of the market, in budget models that sell as part of ‘pay as you go’ plans, and models which can be priced as free thanks to network subsidies. Much of that growth is having a positive impact on the OS powering these handsets, namely Android,” Spence writes. “That flood of handsets means that even if Apple increases sales of its smartphone handsets, the volume game could see its market share can go down, even with the most spectacular sales figures. When the numbers come in and Apple loses share to Android, that’s not going to be an immediate sign of Apple’s demise. It simply reiterates the fact that there is growth in a market where Apple does not fight.”

“The majority of users who purchased the iPhone 5S when it was new will be coming up on the end of a two-year contract. The iPhone 6S is designed for these users (not last year’s iPhone 6 owners). Given the incredibly high customer satisfaction scores that Apple has, I would assume that the [v]ast majority of iPhone 5S users are ready to upgrade,” Spence writes. “Given the iPhone 5S sold far more than the iPhone 5, there’s a bigger pool of returning users for the iPhone 6S to exploit than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus ever had.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Every new iPhone sets the all-time record of best-selling smartphone on the planet. iPhone 6s/Plus will be no different.

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  1. “Market share numbers”. This phrase is so tired and irrelevant. Doesn’t the whole world know by know that Apple is NOT concerned by “Market share”. It is “Market profit share” that moves Apple. The profit share is where the iPhone shines brightest. Most of these dim bulbs never mention the profits… Idiots

  2. In other news, the world population is also the most numerous of all-time.

    In a maturing/consolidating industry with so few players, increasing sales year over year isn’t particularly amazing. What would be amazing is if Apple delivered the memory in phones that users want, at prices competitive with the memory price points in line with the rest of the industry.

    buddabob, market share does matter. Ecosystem heath depends on it. If Apple iphones were to fall in market share, then developers would start writing apps for Android and then port them over to iOS, rather than the other way around.

    The reason the Mac remains so constrained for truly great applications after all these years is because market share is too low for many of the very best software companies to care. That is why an estimated 75% of Macs rely on Parallels or VMWare or Crossover to run Windows apps. If Apple had cared about Mac market share, things would be very different today.

    1. 75%???? What fantasy land did you get that figure FedEXed from? Out of the hundreds of Mac users that I know, only one uses Parallels, and that one Mac user is me. I use it for testing, and for running the Vsphere client in Windows for VMWare ESXi. If the web version of the Vsphere client didn’t suck, I wouldn’t be using Windows for that at all. Not everyone uses Parallels and VMware for Windows. I use it to run various flavors of Linux. Also, the last time I checked, the Mac’s market share has been going up. It’s at 10-11% of the U.S. market. When the Apple stores first opened, that percentage was about 4%.

  3. There are 4 iPhone 6 devices in our family, all will be upgrading to the 6S. Well three to the 6S and one to the 6S plus. Plans such as Next from AT&T make this easy.

      1. That’s exactly what I will be doing this time round , still have my iPhone 5 which has worked well apart from the horrid finish and a swollen battery which was replaced free of charge 4 months ago !

  4. I upgraded from the iPhone 4s to the iPhone 5s during its couple of days on the market … and, yes, I’m ready to upgrade to a 6s. My 5s has been an excellent phone, but it’s battery life is now suffering tremendously. Time for an upgrade.

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