Will we see the ‘Apple Car’ on September 9th?

“Much work has gone on at San Francisco’s Bill Graham convention center and Apple has acknowledged they are having an event there next week,” Electric Phred writes for Seeking Alpha. “Entire lanes of traffic have been blocked off by massive generators and air conditioners… Lots of SFPD and rent a cops are posted at every entrance and at the air conditioners in the first picture. None of them have much to say. One mumbled, ‘They had to take a lot of stuff out and put a lot of stuff in.'”

“Two guys guarding a stack of chairs in front of the adjacent City Hall said work had been going on for weeks,” Phred writes. “A camera crew filming something entirely different on the steps of City Hall said they’d run a piece yesterday supposing this was another Apple event. Knowing that the camera man knows all and wished he could tell all, Electric Phred quizzed him and got this response, ‘A friend who works for Local 616, Stagehands, has been working on it for weeks but has no idea what its for.’ (Boy must he have job satisfaction.)”

“What sort of unveiling needs a 7000 seat venue, weeks of work, and likely millions of dollars? This wouldn’t seem to me to be just the unveiling of the iPhone 6s or the iPad Pro,” Phred writes. “I am betting we may see the Apple electric vehicle.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Flying car.

The Jetsons

Or maybe Apple’s simply decided to finally act like the world’s most valuable company and stop trying to shove everyone into a shoebox for events?

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  1. They need a bigger venue because they will reveal a bigger iPad, a bigger AppleTV, a bigger macbook, a bigger iPhone, a bigger Apple Watch and a bigger Tim Cook…

    This is real. The venue has seatbelts on every seat. Clue?

  2. Its the Apple Car and when they lift up the back hatch during the presentation you’ll see a 50 inch Apple TV pop out cause the car will drive itself and obviously you’ll need to be entertained!

  3. What kind of idiot comes up with drivel like this? Oh wait – it’s Seeking Alpha, the amateur fustercluck train wreck website for failed investors. I never take anything from Seeking Alpha seriously, and I urge you not to either. This is a perfect case in point.

    First, a new car design, even from the largest manufacturers, takes at least five years on average to design and make ready for production.
    Second, while there is growing evidence that Apple has some sort of interest in cars, there is nothing to show beyond rumor and speculation.
    Third, even if Apple is interested in producing something for the auto industry, contrary to the breathless and unsubstantiated rumors, there is no hard evidence that the “something” would even be a car. Why could it not be that Apple is interested in an operating system for a driverless car? Or software solutions (including an OS) that Apple would sell to established manufacturers instead of producing a car of its own?
    Typically, even when you see spy photos of prototypes from Detroit, Tokyo, Germany, Italy, etc., the prototype cars being tested may never see the light of day, or may be years away from final production. We have not even seen that.
    Even the Google driverless car is merely a proof of concept at this stage, and is likely some years from a final design.

    MDN, please, please, please stop running anything from Seeking Alpha. It does more harm than good, both for Apple product users and investors in general. Some of their articles talk an interesting game, but typically end up being wildly inaccurate. To follow the advice of these misguided amateurs could be extremely dangerous to your investment portfolio. Personally, anything from Seeking Alpha should come with a warning label.

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