It’s official: Apple sends out September 9th special event invitations

It’s official.

Apple has notified media outlets of an invitation-only event to be held at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco on Wednesday, Septmeber 9th at 10am PDT.

The invitation melds Siri graphics with the iconic Apple logo and the text “Hey Siri, give us a hint.”

News that Apple’s event would be held at the cavernous Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (max. 7,000 person capacity) instead of the usual, much smaller Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (max. 750 person capacity) in San Francisco had leaked prior to Apple’s invitation mailing.

Apple September 9th 2015 special event invitation
Apple’s September 9th 2015 special event invitation

MacDailyNews Take: Here we go!

BTW, literal bastages that we are, we fired up Siri and said, “Hey Siri, give us a hint,” but all she returned were businesses and locations with “hint” in their names.

When we changed that to “give me a hint,” as suggested by “Thrifty1” below, among otoher things, Siri returned:

Siri give me  a hint

Siri give me  a hint

Apple expected to hold massive special event at Bill Graham Civic Center in San Francisco on September 9th – August 27, 2015
Mystery company books San Francisco’s massive Bill Graham Civic Auditorium through September 13th – August 24, 2015


    1. Event is on the 9th and NFL season begins the very next day. Add to that, the invitation image kinda resembles a football moving towards apple. Could I be right? Apple tv + NFL ?

  1. I would love to see some Siri activities moved to the local device. Why should Siri need to communicate with an outside server when I want to call a phone number stored in my local address book. Or function with the local map app. Etc.

    1. When my Watch is out of contact with my iPhone 6+, Siri still translates a request perfectly. So, yes, local functions like calling a contact should be possible.

      I’d like to see that as well.

    2. The reason that Siri requires access to Apple’s servers is that the accuracy of voice recognition is greatly increased with the amount of data available in the language model that your recorded voice is compared against.

      The models Siri uses are large enough that keeping them on your phone is not a good use of resources. Also, on the servers, large numbers of recognition threads can share instances of the language model.

      So, Siri *could* run entirely on your phone, but at a serious cost in memory and battery usage.


  2. Try changing to other languages.
    I change it to italian and ask her, and she responded: “bisogna aspettare fino al 9 settembre”
    You have to wait until september 9″

  3. This is fun,
    Siri says “Well, I hear there’s something big happen on the 9th of September”

    Also “You’re cute when you’re desperate for information.

    Quite a few more. Excellent.

  4. Is it literally asking Siri to give me a hint about what to watch on TV tonight based on whatever criteria you fancy or that she learns from previous experience. So a hint about how you actually would use her in AppleTV rather than simply the fact of her integration into a new/updated product

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