Apple’s Siri saves Tennessee teen who was pinned under truck

“Sam Ray was alone when the truck he was fixing fell on him, but he remembered his phone was in his back pocket,” BBC News reports. “Mr Ray used his bottom to activate Siri, which called emergency services.”

“The dispatcher thought it was mistaken call at first but soon heard Mr Ray’s cries for help,” The Beeb reports. “‘I could feel myself slipping,’ Ray told his local newspaper the Tennessean on Friday. ‘I was starting to accept that I wouldn’t get out.’

“The dispatcher was able to locate Mr Ray’s home in a suburb of Nashville by triangulating the signal from his mobile phone,” The Beeb reports. “He was seriously hurt in the July incident, suffering several broken ribs, a bruised kidney, cuts, a concussion and burns to his left arm. He has since recovered.”

“Mr Ray had been thinking about getting a Samsung Galaxy phone, but the accident has changed things,” The Beeb reports. “‘I guess I’m stuck with an iPhone for the rest of my life,’ Mr Ray said. ‘I owe them that.'”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: He was thinking of a Samsung phone, then a truck fell on him and knocked some sense into him. Some sense, not all. Perhaps a VW bug or something can finish the job: Nobody’s “stuck” with an iPhone, they’re only stuck with poor, insecure iPhone knockoffs until they get a clue.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “CaptainWhizz” for the heads up.]


  1. Without knowing more about the guy I hesitate but will still say this: between the other accident, this, and the thought of replacing an iPhone with a Samsung, it seems that we are looking at a strong contender for a Darwin Award…

  2. How did he activate Siri with the iPhone in his rear pocket? The Home button is recessed. Mobile “Hey Siri” only works with the iPhone plugged in to power, and one needs to hold the Home button down to summon Siri otherwise.

    His iPhone must have been facing away from his body, and something pointy must have been pressing against it. Very lucky, indeed.

  3. Why the snarky comments? This guy suffered a horrendous accident, one that could have happened to any of us, and he survived due to his fortunate ownership of an iPhone.

    Here’s you all, especially MDN, are as fortunate in the future.

    1. Uh no, it couldn’t have happened to just any of us. Only the ones dumb enough to not take the proper safety precautions while working under a vehicle. I’ve seen too many dimwits under a car with only a bumper jack holding it up, or some scrap wood or cracked concrete blocks. They are about as smart as the ones who will strip old floor tiles using gasoline as a solvent near a gas water heater with a pilot light.

      In other words, I think Predrag called it correctly.

      1. Yup, the best decision he made was to get an iPhone. What caused this amount of consideration is not known, but judging from the statement it must have been an accident.
        Now for the accident described, few would have made such an error. If you are getting under a car, you support the hell out of it. I know of no person that can bench press 2000 plus pounds. So this guy was taking short cuts and no mention of an earthquake listed as a possible cause. Thus, the cause was short cuts. Now that will go with the Samsung thing, like a consideration for safety. As we all know, Android is OS that could fall on it owner like a, well, a car. At least for now he is safe from Android. But, the car issue is a questionable area.

      2. Agreed. There is little that is called an accident that is actually an accident.
        I rear ended a car (luckily at low speed) because I CHOSE to drive while utterly fatigued.
        He was working without the vehicle being secured.

        It is not at accident if you hit a pedestrian while gazing out the window looking for a particular store, while drunk, while texting, while groping on the floor for something, while looking at your passenger.

        It is not an accident if you lean a ladder on a branch and then cut the branch between you and the trunk.

        It is not an accident if your child shoots themselves with a gun left unsecured.

        So few people are willing to say, “I was a fucking idiot and it was my fault.”

        1. Just to further your ladder scenario above;

          Even if you cut the the branch on the ‘correct’ side of the ladder, so that when cut, only the brach falls: you still may be doomed.

          A peaceful 100-150 Lb. branch exerts a constant opposing force upon the tree. (Insert Newtonian equation here) It’s gravity, really.

          When you sever the connection, all of this stored energy is immediately and forcefully released, which causes the entire tree to lurch away from branch.

          This ‘reaction’ may buck your ladder from the tree, ejecting your sorry ass to the ground – or (as was my scenario), with the limb gone, the tree realigns its center of gravity, so that the remaining arm of former branch raises up, and that extra 1 foot of overhang your ladder had, is now in the minus and… your sorry ass falls to the ground.

          Have no contact with tree whatsoever; rent a scaffold or cherry picker.

      1. Hey, I’m just wondering, if Mother Teresa went up against Mahatma Gandhi in an MMA death match, who would come out the winner? Of course, being the peacenik types, they’d need a little incentive, say that if they didn’t fight then 1,000 innocent people ( obviously not Americans) would be executed.

        Man, would that be the PayPerView event of the century, or what! Of course, they are gone now, so I guess a good match currently could be Hillary Clinton vs Carly Fiorina. Then again, Hillary in Spandex ….

    1. Mr Ray had been thinking about getting a Samsung Galaxy phone, but the accident has changed things.
      “I guess I’m stuck with an iPhone for the rest of my life,” Mr Ray said. “I owe them that.”

      After this great news, iPhone 6S and and iPhone 6S Plus will fly off the shelves in September. AAPL will be up North. Good luck Apple’s share holders.

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