The hidden editing power of Photos for OS X

“Photos for OS X is designed to appeal to a broad audience, with simple editing tools that let anyone improve their photographs,” Jeff Carlson reports for Macworld. “But is that it? Even though it’s a 1.0 product (replacing iPhoto and Aperture), a lot of editing power is actually hidden beneath that user-friendly surface.”

“For example, when you edit a photo and click the Adjust button, you’re presented with sliders for improving light and color,” Carlson reports. “Dragging a slider makes the image brighter or darker (Light), or more or less saturated (Color); you can also click the Auto button that appears when the mouse pointer moves over the tool. Clicking the down-facing arrow icon, however, exposes individual controls.”

Carlson reports, “That’s just the beginning… Photos for OS X turns out to be a much more capable photo editor than it first appears, which is a good place to start moving forward.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Overall, Photos is a marked improvement over iPhoto and lays a solid foundation for much more to come! (Now, if only someone would come tag each one of our 15+ years of digital photos!)

Next, hopefully, Apple will take iTunes out back and shoot it, too.


  1. I had to return a brand new MBP with 512GB SSD, because my iPhoto library was over 500GB size, and offloading it to a NAS wasn’t an option. I tried. But in Apple’s infinite wisdom, they declared that Photostream was only available if the iPhoto library was on the local drive.
    So I’m now stuck with my 2009 iMac and 1TB HDD.

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