iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 release date, rumors and specs

“Few events work the technology world into a frenzy quite like an iPhone launch, and this year’s anticipated event looks set to be no exception,” Rhiannon Williams writes for The Telegraph.

“The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was announced on September 9, 2014, the 5s and 5c on September 10, and the 5 on September 12, so the second week in September is a good bet. The last two events have been on a Tuesday and the 5’s announcement was a Wednesday, so September 8 or 9 appears the most likely announcement date. According to reports, Wednesday September 9 has been pencilled in,” Williams writes. “What will it be called? Good question. Going by the above pattern, and assuming that Apple keeps a small (4.7-inch) and large (5.5-inch) version, designating the latter ‘Plus’, we’ll have the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.”

“However, there are also rumours that we will get a third phone this year – an iPhone 6c. Earlier in May Apple appeared to leak a picture of what could be the iPhone 6c on its site – what looked like an updated iPhone 5c with an Touch ID sensor on its home button. However, it’s more likely this was a poorly-rendered picture of an original 5c, and the image has since been removed from the site,” Williams writes. “Despite all this, Apple could choose to buck its own naming convention and go straight in with the iPhone 7.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Whatever it’s called, we can’t wait to have them. And, our iPhone 6/Plus units will instantly go from beloved to hand-me-downs or Apple trade-ins.


  1. Yesterday Apple was doomed. Today the news is all positive. Apple will be taking over the world shortly. The hedges must have bought all the AAPL they planned to by last Friday. Now it’s time to stop the FUD-storm and pump for all we’re worth.

  2. Abbreviated version – Apple will release an annual iPhone update, as usual. It will be announced in early September, as usual, to support the holiday season. Everything else is speculation, including the name/number.

    Par for the Apple rumor course.

  3. All I will say is they better release the smaller phone, or face their doom. Not doing that will piss a bunch of people off and send them to the dark side, so Apple, use the force to save the universe, or suffer the consequences.

    1. Funny… A little more than a year ago, the comments in threads like these were along the lines of, “All I will say is they better release the larger-screen phone, or face their doom. Not doing that will piss a bunch of people off and send them to the dark side…”

  4. I can’t wait to replace my 5. I was off-contract last fall, but I decided the 5 was good enough and held off. Well, now I’m way overdue. Three years on this one is pretty impressive, I think.

    Definitely getting a 64GB phone this time. 32 just isn’t big enough. I take a lot of photos, so I can’t even make it three months before I have to connect up the phone and delete photos because it’s full.

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