Apple stock halts slide as Best Buy begins selling Apple Watch in stores and online

“Apple shares are up,” U-Jin Lee reports for TheStreet, “as Best Buy today becomes the first national retailer to sell the Apple Watch in stores and online.

“Among the 16 models that will be featured at the Best Buy stores will be the Apple Watch Sport and the stainless steel Watch lines,” Lee reports. “However, the tech giant will keep the Apple Watch Edition exclusive to its stores only.”

Lee reports, “Previously, customers could only buy the Apple Watch on the company’s website or directly from Apple Stores.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: The more points of sale Apple Watch can rack up, the better. This ramp has been excruciatingly painful to witness.


    1. I believe Apple saved Bestbuy. The whole model they are using now are the store within a store. Apple redefined the Store within a store. If you walk in a Bestbuy now, you will see Samsung, Microsoft and other creating a visual upgrade to the sodgie retail layout that Bestbuy had. This really helped there bottom line.

      Think Apple for that as well.

  1. The stock price is not the value of a company

    The stock market i8s not an indicator of a company’s financial well-being

    then stock market has been rigged since… the beginning of the stock market

    Care about the company and the products it makes, and its ability to deliver them to you.

    1. I don’t think most big investors buy stocks for the sake of the company. They buy them to make money from their investment. Amazon is soaring. Netflix is soaring. The only thing Apple is doing is going down. It probably doesn’t make much sense for investors wanting to make quick money to try to catch a falling knife like Apple. I’ll bet Carl Icahn is cursing himself for selling Netflix and keeping Apple. Netflix is seeing new highs daily. Apple is only settling further into the loser’s muck.

      It’s nice to think about the possibility of Apple’s highs but is it realistic. Everything Apple does is declared as crap by analysts and news media pundits yet when Google or Amazon do something everyone loves it. Once investors get that perception in their heads, Apple’s share price will remain flat.

      Apple is still considered the most doomed company on Wall Street with zero growth ahead. Who wants to buy stock in a company said to have that sort of future. On the other hand, everyone wants to buy Netflix which is said to have unlimited growth and zero risk so Apple will always come up short. Investors always seem to believe that “can’t lose” hype.

  2. AAPL stock is on the rise because I saw a Calico cat walk on the left side of the road on a Thursday while I was wearing a blue tie. Same logic as the sale of the Apple Watch in Best Buy as the ‘reason’ that AAPL will go up in price.

    Here is another thought; AAPL is now being bought by average investors who are finally letting go of their irrational fears.

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