Malformed video files can be used to crash half of all Android phones

“Researchers have developed an attack that puts more than 50 percent of Android phones into the digital equivalent of a persistent vegetative state in which they’re almost completely unresponsive and are unable to perform most functions, including making or receiving calls,” Dan Goodin reports for Ars Technica.

MacDailyNews Take: “Persistent vegetative state.” Just like those who buy them.

“The vulnerability, which resides in the mediaserver service Android uses to index media files, can most easily be exploited by luring a vulnerable phone to a booby-trapped website,” Goodin reports. “Presumably, the phone can be revived by restarting it, but according to a blog post published Wednesday by a researcher from security firm Trend Micro, the bug can also be exploited by malicious apps.”

Goodin reports, “In this latter scenario, the malicious app could be designed to automatically start each time the phone is turned on, causing it to crash shortly after each restart.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Fragmandroid sufferers, you are coming to a sad realization.

Cancel or allow?

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    1. He’s counting his money Bo! He and all of the Google investors. Unlike AAPL, Google is up over 20% in the last six months. You have made no money in AAPL for the last six months Bo!! And who gives a shit what Eric does Bo?

  1. Android is the number one security threat facing the world right now. Imagine if the majority of Android devices suddenly stopped working. People wouldn’t be able to call for help, send emails, receive text messages, etc. Commerce would be halted and markets would crash. Remember when the Egyptian government turned off social media? People took to the streets in droves and riots ensued. Multiply that situation by a thousand. Without communication there would be global chaos.

    Android is a system that needs thimely patches just like the various Microsoft operating systems. The difference is Microsoft pushes patches to their users in a somewhat timely manner. On Android it takes many months, if ever, to receive the critical fixes needed.

    The developed nations should come together on this threat to National security and ban Android device sales from taking place. This ban should remain in effect until the Android ecosystem changes the way updates are disseminated and users are able to receive software patches in a timely manner. In the mean time, every true patriot and/or lover of tranquility should dump their security threatened Android device and upgrade to the much safer iPhone or iPad immediately.

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