Beleaguered Microsoft, capitulation and the end of ‘Windows Everywhere’

“Microsoft today, I think, is a case study in knowing when you should indeed give up, and what you should do after that,” Benedict Evans blogs. “As (hopefully) we all now understand, mobile is replacing the PC as the dominant computing platform. Smartphones sell in much larger numbers, have a much larger user base and are already close to taking a larger share of internet use than the PC in leading markets (such as the USA and UK). PCs aren’t going away any time soon, any more than faxes or mainframes did, but they are the past, not the future.”

“Since Microsoft’s mobile operating systems have failed to achieve meaningful market share, Microsoft has hence gone from dominating sales of personal computing devices to powering less than a fifth,” Evans writes. “Microsoft has missed mobile. Consumer PCs, slowly, will be a shrinking platform. Meanwhile weakness in mobile also bleeds back to the desktop and undermines Office. The shift away from the PC will be slower in the enterprise than in consumer internet, and so will the rise of alternative software models…. The rise of SaaS services and new productivity models on one hand and more and more capable mobile devices on the other means that Office, and hence desktop Windows in the enterprise, is also probably a declining model.”

“This brings us to capitulation,” Evans writes. “Enterprise platforms and productivity are going to change fundamentally, and that in turn will enable and feed off a shift away from PCs. Sharing document files (or copying them as web apps) is not the future – rather, the connective tissue of work needs to be rebuilt. By someone. I don’t have a complete sense of what that looks like, but admitting defeat is the first step to working it out.”

Much more, with graphs, in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: Perhaps they could go into vacuum cleaners? You know, put to good use all of that experience of sucking. Nah, that won’t work, either:

Earth to Ballmer: you suck, your company sucks, and your company’s products suck; with one exception, of course: if you ever decide to make vacuum cleaners. And we wouldn’t put that one past you, either, you stunning epitome of mismanagement, you.MacDailyNews Take, February 28, 2009

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  1. Microsoft isn’t going anywhere. They still have a very large part of the PC market, and as much as I love my iPad, it is not a replacement for my MacBook Air. No tablet is a complete replacement at this time, and it will take real innovation to even make that remotely possible.

    Five large advantages exist for Microsoft as I see it…

    First, they basically own the Enterprise with Active Directory. There is no substitute for Directory Services, and yes, it is necessary to large Enterprises. This means that IT folks are going to look for products that integrate well and work with their existing Active Directory infrastructure.

    Second, there are a LOT of Windows based PC’s in the world. These users have PC’s at work and at home, and they know how to use them. They don’t have to re-learn something.

    Third, a lot of times PC’s were just cheaper, and while it’s nice to think that everyone can shell out $1000 for a new laptop that will last them 3 years, the truth is that some people just don’t have that much to spend, so they buy a $400 laptop with Windows because that’s what they can afford.

    Fourth: Gamers. Gamers like their high end PC’s with customizable everything. They have Gigs of video ram, large water cooled systems, etc. that are fully customizable. And, they run Windows because Windows support is built into most of the games that these people care about.

    Finally, and this is probably the largest one, and where this article gets it completely wrong, is Microsoft Office. Office is the standard, and Apple Pages/Numbers/etc. don’t even come close. Sorry to burst your bubble. If you work in business you must have Excel, and if you work in Reporting, Finance, or any kind of Analytics, the Windows version is the only one that does everything you need.

    Now, I’m all Apple devices, but I do run a Windows VM in Parallels just because I need it for certain functions. 95% of what I need a computer for can be done on OS X, but that other 5% is important, and Apple is making no effort to take that away from Microsoft. Unfortunately that 5% is also what 90% of people in Enterprise business use for 90% of their work.

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    1. 1) Apple’s iCloud pricing is higher than the competition
      2) Apple’s iCloud & iOS are too limited in functionality and cross-platform usability compared to the competition. Apple can’t figure out whether to offer settings at the application level or at the platform level or just have user global settings linked to accounts — so it does all of the above, inconsistently.
      3) Music, Photos, and other syncing via iCloud are NOT reliable. The iCloud integration with iTunes has been bad and getting worse. Syncing is slow when it does work. How much “other” data is hogging the local memory on your iPhone?
      4) iCloud is so intertwined into Apple’s OSes that it’s actually an encumbrance to users who don’t/can’t use iCloud. Enterprise and small business users have no reliable “business grade” options.
      5) desktop functionality has been dumbed down in order for iCloud to work with Apple’s walled garden strategy. Desktop features lost.
      6) Apple Retail has been inconsistent — poor service reports have increased over the years. Personally i don’t go to the Genius Bar just to hear that the only way to fix the iPhone is to wipe all data from it and restore iOS from scratch. That’s the level of diagnosis the Genius Bar offers now. And you can look but not touch the Watches — WTF is that?
      7) Music is a mess. DRM is back. Apple mangles people’s carefully curated artwork and metadata. Nobody understands the operations between Match and Music and iCloud Music library. By continuing to push subscriptions, Apple is losing its quality control and forgetting about users who manage their own collections. Library mangling has hit thousands, if not millions, of users.
      8) Photos is a perfect example of unintuitive, less-functional iCloud software replacing what used to be really good photo management software (Aperture).
      9) it is really hard to set up and troubleshoot for individuals, but practically impossible for multi-user households. Error messages are undecipherable. NOBODY actually understands what is happening, so they can’t fix it when it goes wrong.
      10) lack of documentation, long an Apple sore point, causes no end to the grief of #9 when the inevitable conflicts and file database errors start happening. Apple is letting amateur bloggers spread guesses and attempted workarounds rather than explaining to users exactly how to use their services. What’s the point of flashing up an error message when nobody knows what it means?
      11) the online App store is the only game in town for iOS, but it’s impossible to find/filter what you’re looking for efficiently. the OS X App Store also looks like it’s 4 years overdue for a refresh. Interestingly, most good Mac software is not distributed there. Even Apple doesn’t distribute many individual apps there. Why?
      12) interfaces are all over the map. intuition is gone. Podcasts, radio, music playlists, etc are all harder to manage today than ever before.

      Bottom line: Apple wants to link a dumbed-down iOS mobile platform with a powerful OS X platform via an uncoordinated mess of servers collectively named iCloud. The results have been less than stellar because Apple leadership is too busy monitoring stock price and attending pride parades. It DOES NOT JUST WORK.

      And that’s why a smart user will refuse the iCloud and set up a NAS in his own home to manage his own data.

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