10 cool Safari extensions to supercharge your productivity

“Extensions are a fantastic way to bring new features to Safari and enhance your web browser,” Derek Erwin writes for Intego.

“You can customize your browsing experience by adding new extensions, many of which can help you stay productive this school year,” Erwin writes. “Here are our top 10 favorite Safari extensions to boost efficiency and online productivity.”

Safari Extensions allow developers to enhance and customize the browsing experience.

10 cool Safari extensions to supercharge your productivity:
1. Evernote Web Clipper
2. Horsey
3. Punchtime for Trello
4. Instapaper
5. Momentum
6. Website Opener
7. KeyStroke
8. PanicButton
9. Feedly
10. Harakirimail

Description of and links for each extension in the full article here.


    1. – ‘Staying Alive’ is for Chromium derivatives.
      – ‘Session Keep Alive’ is an equivalent for Firefox.
      – I’m unaware of anything similar for Safari. That may be deliberate on Apple’s part as the purpose isn’t exactly the greatest idea.

    1. Specifically, the original, simply named ‘Ad Block’ by Michael Gundlach. Well worth donating to the cause.

      The ‘Ad Block Plus’ thing has always had a shady reputation. First there was the ripoff name. Then there are the persistent stories of them, ahem, taking money to allow certain paying advertisers to make it through their blocking wall. I’ve never seen a satisfactory response from them regarding this allegation. It’s also clunkier to use than simple Ad Block.

  1. JS Blocker 5 (despite the learning curve)
    igTranslator For Google
    ClickToFlash (if you aren’t yet Flash-free)
    Ultimate Status Bar (rainbows and unicorns!)
    SCD (Soundcloud downloader)
    Dr. Web Link Checker
    WOT (Web of Trust. Some problems, but overall useful).
    ScamZapper (Apple has blocked one JS scam, but not all)

  2. Gee, MDN. Thanks for the link to the AD. What happens if I click on the button to dismiss it?
    How about having articles that do not require the dismissal of an alert to read?
    (Check out the article on MacKeeper. They do the same thing. Time to drink your own kool-aid.)

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