Is it time for Apple to make Apple Watch compatible with Android?

“We now know Apple has done well with the Apple Watch and that it outperformed the iPhone and iPad in terms of units shipped during their first 9 weeks on the market,” Tim Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions. “However, they are doing these strong sales with the watch only connected to the iPhone. Of course, this makes sense. If the watch becomes popular and only works with an iPhone, it could cause many users of other smartphone operating systems to switch. Also, it creates great incentives for those who want the Apple Watch to buy or upgrade their current iPhones too. Strategically, this move to have it only work with the iPhone is important during the Apple Watch’s initial roll out.”

“The iPhone drives their profits and, with each iteration of the iPhone, they seem to get more and more switchers and followers. But this also presents somewhat of a dilemma in that they have positioned the Apple Watch as a tech and fashion game changer and suggested that everyone will want an Apple Watch,” Bajarin writes. “But to achieve that goal I have to believe, at some point, they must make it compatible with Android and perhaps even the Windows Phone if they want the Apple Watch to have the global impact they hope it will have.”

Bajarin writes, “My personal guess is Apple will keep it proprietary to the iPhone for at least the first 18-24 months but eventually make it compatible with at least Android…”

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MacDailyNews Take: As with QuickTime, the iPod, and iTunes+iTunes Store before it, and as Apple Music is scheduled to do soon, Apple Watch will be made compatible with other operating systems eventually. After three months with Apple Watches on our wrists for every waking moment, we know that most people on earth will be wearing Apple Watches (or some inferior patent-infringing fake) sooner than later. Perhaps Apple will make to move with Apple Watch 3?

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  1. When I think of the Watch becoming Android and/or Win-4-Phone compatible I think of our Irish setter finding a road kill skunk at the side of the road and rolling around in it, making her stink. Therefore: I don’t think so. ‘Bad puppy!’

  2. “Most people on earth” will be wearing iWatches? Shockingly small, elitist, imaginary planet one must live on to think that most people on earth can afford an iPhone and watch. Maybe those people who can’t simply don’t or “shouldn’t” exist in the eyes of ultra- conservatives.

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