Apple slashes 100 cool apps to $0.99 in new promotion

“Looking for an app bargain to keep you occupied over the weekend, or into the future?” Andy Boxall reports for Digital Trends. “If you own a device that runs iOS, then you’re in luck, because Apple has reduced the price many well-known apps available in the App Store.”

“A total of 100 games and apps are included in the promotion, which has its own splash page inside the store,” Boxall reports. “It’s not clear how long the lower prices will remain, but the wording of the offer — ‘New Low Prices’ — suggests it’s a long-term promotion, rather than one which may end next week.

“The price has been set at $1 for each app, which represents a significant reduction for key titles,” Boxall reports. “Notably, the image editing app Pixelmator previously cost $5, and it’s joined by Real Racing, GoodReader, and Badland — all of which also cost around the same price originally.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Get ’em while they’re cheap!


    1. Hey, talk to the recording companies. They’re the ones who’ve jacked prices up beyond the 99 cents/song.
      People act like Apple sets all these prices. They set prices on their own products, not others’.

  1. People are funny about money. In the early days of the Mac, when any decent piece of software cost $50 or $99, any software priced at $5 was relegated to those bins by the cashier, and we knew it was so crappy, we wouldn’t even look at it.

    Now, $5 software seems sooo expensive, most people won’t even consider it. Weird.

  2. I beat Dark Castle on my Mac Plus, lost all interest in computer games after that. I am a geezer. I wish I could delete the default game App on my iPads. But, hey, y’all boys keep playing games and having a heap o’ fun! I work in my yard now for fun…

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