Apple earnings preview: Zeroing in on the iPhone, Apple Watch

“Apple on Tuesday is set to report earnings for the third quarter, which has traditionally seen slow iPhone sales because would-be phone buyers are usually waiting for the next model to come out in the fall,” Levi Sumagaysay reports for SiliconBeat. “But analysts are bullish on the quarter, especially because of stronger-than-expected demand for the iPhone 6 in China.”

“How bullish are they? They think Apple sold 49.4 million iPhones in the quarter ended in June, compared with the 35.2 million iPhones it sold in the same period a year ago, according to Fortune,” Sumagaysay reports. “And in a sign of what else is to come, Apple is ordering record numbers of its next iPhone models, the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this month.”

“OK, so people like the iPhone. What about the company’s newest gadget, the Apple Watch?,” Sumagaysay reports. “The company hasn’t said much about how the watch is selling since its launch in April, and it has said it would lump in watch sales with other products so we’re not likely going to get exact numbers. But investors and analysts will be looking to the company for clues Tuesday afternoon.”

Full article — in which Sumagaysay unfortunately claims that “signs point to lackluster [Apple Watch] demand] citing the misrepresented and very limited data from, you guessed it, Slice Intelligence (ah, the Internet echo chamber; it really resonates) — here.

MacDailyNews Take: Tomorrow after market close, we’ll bring you Apple’s earnings results right around 1:30pm PDT/4:30pm EDT and follow that up with our usual live notes from Apple’s Q315 conference call with analysts.

Hopefully tomorrow, Apple will take back control of the Apple Watch narrative that they’ve recently ceded to the FUDsters.


    1. I looked all over the Apple site and cannot find a single mention of that second item you named. The only thing I can find is: Watch or Apple Watch. There is no other name. I guess that you can be lumped in with the other media types who don’t do research.

      Oh right, you’re not a real media type, just a wannabe.

  1. If enough people say that the Apple Watch is a failure and only sold a dozen units, does that make it so? A while back, there were huge numbers of people that said the world is flat so I guess it must be so. Facts are to be avoided as much as possible!

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