2015 MTV VMA nominees to be revealed exclusively on Apple Music’s Beats 1

In another coup for Apple Music, MTV and Beats 1 have announced via Twitter that the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) nominees will be revealed tomorrow on the Beats 1 Chart Show on Apple Music at 10 am EST.

Tune into the Beats 1 “Charts” show on Apple Music, hosted by Brooke Reece and Travis Mills, at 10 a.m. ET on Tuesday, July 21, where the nominees will be announced.

The MTV Video Music Awards have been held annually since 1984.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple Music and Beats 1 are firing on all cylinders!


      1. While you’re zapping thru cable you’ll see a bunch dumb pregnant teenage girls yelling at their mothers… that would be MTV. It reeks of obsolescence so of course Apple is jumping on board.

        1. Yeah, good old Moron Television. It’s so cute that they have a music video awards show, as if they still show music videos. Maybe next TLC can have an awards show for science documentaries!


          1. And they wonder why people are canceling their cable. I watch maybe 3 hours a week – mostly HBO, Showtime, BBC World News and PBS.

            Most of the channels have so much advertising and superimposed promos that drive me crazy I just do not bother.

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