Apple eyes Iran as sanctions are removed

“Tuesday’s deal with Iran paves the way for fresh foreign investment and the reopening of a big consumer market—in particular, for U.S. companies that have been all but barred from the country for decades,” Benoît Faucon and Sarah Kent report for The Wall Street Journal.

“Apple Inc. has been in touch with potential Iranian distributors, according to people familiar with the matter,” Faucon and Kent report. “Iran’s nearly 80 million residents — 60% of whom are under 30—already have an affinity for Western brands, especially American ones. Internet penetration is 53% across the population, and that rises to 77% in Tehran, according to government data. About 11 million Iranians have mobile Internet access.”

“Many of the country’s senior businesspeople, or their parents, were educated in the U.S. and still prize American engineering. Many also remember the American automobiles their parents or grandparents drove before the revolution,” Faucon and Kent report. “Western pharmaceuticals, medical devices and food imports continued to trickle in legally under sanctions, though U.S. banking controls have kept a lid on volumes. That could ease the re-entry for some brands, if the deal proves lasting.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: If the JCPOA goes as planned, Apple would be most likely to go the reseller route, instead of opening its own Apple Retail Stores to eliminate to risk of the deal falling apart and, as per the terms, snapping back to sanctions.


  1. Definitely, as soon as the sanctions are removed, Apple should be the first breaking into lucrative Iran’s market which waiting for the West entering.

  2. Not sure if this is current, but not many years ago Iran was notable for having the most highly educated populace in the world by the standard of people with advanced College/University degrees.

    Contrary to most US mass media, there is great interest in America and American things in Iran. After 9-11, the biggest vigil for US victims of terror was in Tehran despite it not being widely reported in the US.

    I would say pent up demand and demographics would make it a prime growth opportunity for Apple.

    1. Reporting anything pro-US coming out of Iran is against the wishes of Israel and their nutcase war-mongering prime minister.

      The radical problem in Iran will work itself out naturally if we just let it take its course and support it. 2/3rds of the population is under the age of 35 and they largely are tired of the restrictions placed on their lifestyle by the theocrats there. This eventually could become a huge market for American goods and services.

      1. You need to read more. Iran is a horrible rogue nation bent on the destruction of the USA. Let them use windows and then maybe their terrorist supported attacks might fail.

        1. Well, we did put a US puppet in place in Iran and tried to overthrow their government once or twice. We sponsored terrorists as well and invaded their neighbor Iraq as well as supporting terrorists in Syria. One senile US Senator likes to sing about bombing Iran.

          I would argue that we are not innocent angels and that Iran has good reason to believe at least a wee bit that we may be a little unscrupulous ourselves.

          1. And we teach our children to hate Iran, mulitate women, kill homosexuals, abuse women and treat them worse than dogs, and want them all to die a slow horrible death. Yeah right!

            1. Gays had to live closeted lives for fear for their lives. We strung men from trees and treated their wives kids like second class citizens because of the color of their skin. Let’s not get sanctimonious here. That wasn’t too long ago.

              Likewise our politicians and political commentators you listen to, teach Americans to hate Iran. To bomb bomb bomb Iran. Let’s get real here. It’s not all one sided.

  3. In the U.S., Apple under Tim Cook will boycott you if you don’t believe two queers can get “married,” but Cook can’t wait to get into Iran where they’ll stone you to death for being a queer, much allow you to “marry.”

    Ah, the hypocrisy of Democrat/Progressives like Tim Cook.

    1. The best way to change a place like Iran is to help modernize them. Expose them to the open internet, to new ideas. Nothing hypocritical about trying to bring a country and by extension their ideas into the 21st century. It’s really hard to convince a young 20 something that the entire rest of the world is evil if they can see for themselves that it’s not true.

      1. Not yet. But I’m happy to report that one of my clients who had absolutely no interest was given one. Now he LOVES it. Just like you guys say, which I don’t doubt. I just don’t think (also as you say) people get it.

        My biggest reason for not having one is that when I scroll through until I get to the one I want, it’s $1100!!! That makes me want to wait for the next version.

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