Apple Watch sales are off to an all-time record start

“In a little over two months of availability in the June quarter, Apple sold a total of over 4.5 million Apple Watches, according to analysts’ estimates,” Mark Hibben writes for Seeking Alpha. “That puts it well ahead of the iPhone launch in 2007, in which Apple sold just 1 million units in roughly the same time frame.”

MacDailyNews Note: In its full first quarter of iPad sales in 2010, Apple sold 3.27 million units.

“Apple Watch has a bright future,” Hibben writes. “In its launch quarter, Watch will add about $2 billion in revenue to Apple’s top line.”

“As we enter earnings season, there are many Apple Watch detractors who want to paint the Watch as a failure,” Hibben writes. “Most of the fuel for the latest round of pessimism about the Watch has come from Slice Intelligence… There could be a lot of problems with the Slice methodology, but even if it represents what it claims to represent – online sales of Watch in the U.S. – these are still significant limitations. Global sales, especially in China, are not accounted for, and neither are sales through Apple retail stores.”

“Apple’s brick and mortar stores are essential for sales of the Apple Watch. More than for any other Apple product, seeing the Watch, handling it, trying it on, are necessary in order to make a purchase decision. The Slice ‘research’ blows off the most important ingredient in the marketing of the Apple Watch, and probably the most important source of sales in the U.S. going forward,” Hibben writes. “A month after the Watch started appearing in Apple stores, supplies are still very constrained and many models are hard to come by. I performed an informal survey before writing this article in which I checked in-store availability for three different Watch models, all the stainless steel Watches. At 6 pm local time on July 14, all were available for reservation in my local Apple store. An hour later none of them were.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Do not fall for the FUD. Even hampered with seemingly interminable supply issues, Apple Watch is on its way to a resounding, record-setting success.

Watch and see.

Once users put on an Apple Watch and properly set it up to their benefit, they never want to take it off.

The Apple Watch is going to be a massive hit that sells millions upon millions of units.SteveJack, MacDailyNews, September 9, 2014

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  1. The gubment better keep their hands of my Watch. They will have to pry it off my cold dead wrist. No way any company will ever force me to wear one for monitoring my habits though. That is complete BS big brother stuff. I hope that they are going to allow watch to work with ipod touch. That would help them sell more of both. Ipads need pairing ability also for that matter. I am guessing those abilities will roll out later like new colors.

    1. I agree the health insurance angle is a hard sell, but why should a person who performs the recommended daily exercises/movements and eats responsibly have the same health insurance costs compared to a person that sits on the couch all day long and eats cakes and candies? People that have many speeding violations and/or have many accidents pay more for car insurance, so couch potatoes who neglect their health should pay more in health insurance. Sure, there might be some circumstances where someone can’t walk, etc., but everyobody else that follows the guidelines should be rewarded with cheaper insurance.

  2. I predict that the Apple Watch will set records for the number of Apple Watches sold. I feel extremely confident that this is going to happen. If anyone disagrees with me, I would be willing to wager a substantial sum of money on my prediction.

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