Apple News is fast, responsive, enjoyable, and it might become your only news app

“While everyone’s panicking about Facebook Instant Articles, I’ve seen something much more terrifying and exciting: Apple News,” Owen Williams writes for TNW. “The app, which will be installed on every iPhone that upgrades to iOS 9, is a new centralized home for content.”

“Apple News is fast, responsive and enjoyable to use. It puts everything I want to read in a single place, without the need to download a third-party app and it loads incredibly fast, thanks to the company’s content delivery network,” Williams writes. “It also recommends new sites you might enjoy following by learning what you read over time.”

“Apple News is a stripped-back, better alternative to heavy, slow news sites for your phone. You don’t need everyone’s individual apps anymore, just the one, that offers consistent, easy to read and distraction free news. That should be terrifying if your business is making money from online publishing,” Williams writes. “As ad blocking comes to Safari in iOS 9 for the first time, the app may become a safe haven where ad revenue is still paid to publishers. For small publishers that simply don’t have the resources to build their own native apps, it’s a huge opportunity to play in the big leagues and get content in front of more people without having to spend any money.”

“One major issue, though, is nobody knows what Apple’s ad payouts will look like and it’ll only allow one ad to be shown on each article, via its iAd network,” Williams writes. “Once Apple News is on everyone’s home screen, it could change the face of news forever… or it could just end up in another folder on your phone.”

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  1. Again another step taken by Apple which is totally unnecessary, they could have continued to make the best mobile platform better so that third party apps can make use of the platform. This is just waste of resources from apple however insignificant.

  2. Tried it briefly using iOS9 beta 3, but as I’m in the UK I had to change my region to US as it isn’t set up for UK use yet. Seemed pretty good, but pulled in a lot of Daily Mail articles. As long as there’s some way to stem that tide of relentless, hateful bullshit I’m all for it.

  3. News may work out to be okay. As expected your first choices for news are NYT, Time and NPR, CNN, MSNBC and I can’t tell if I can get rid of them. But I have added Drudge, Breitbart and RPC, as well as unchecked some I don’t want to see. It remains to be seen how customizable it will get. It is fast and clear, but one first glance presents me with a mishmash of news, tech, entertainment and other stuff to wade thru. I would prefer also to access news by source so I can filter the slant for a group of headlines. I would prefer a list of headlines only, but most may like the pictures. Too soon to call. If it is truly customizable I will use it, along with my other normal aggregators.

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