IDC: Mac sales up 16.1% in June quarter as PC industry shrinks 11.8 percent

“Continuing to buck trends, Mac sales rose 16.1 percent year-over-year in the June quarter even as the PC industry as a whole shrank 11.8 percent, according to new estimates published on Thursday by research firm IDC,” Roger Fingas reports for AppleInsider.

“Apple is believed to have sold just under 5.14 million computers, putting it in fourth place under leaders Lenovo, HP, and Dell. Those companies sold 13.44 million, 12.25 million, and 9.56 million units respectively,” Fingas reports. “Below Apple were Acer and ASUS, both roughly at 4.33 million, with a slight edge given to Acer.”

“In all, IDC estimates that some 66.14 million computers were shipped during the quarter,” Fingas reports. “Providing an alternate view, Gartner released its own research data, indicating that worldwide PC shipments fell 9.5 percent to 68.4 million units.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Behold, the indomitable Macintosh!

Note: these are estimates. We’ll get the real Mac numbers when Apple reports Q315 results after the closing bell on July 21st.

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    1. That’s right, no sarcasm. An honest comment. Watch sales are mediocre at best. Mac sales contribute a minute amount to Apple revenue. It’s an iPhone company, plain and simple. Will we see another September 2012 again soon? Stay tuned. Don’t think it can’t happen again. It’s an investment. It’s not something you stick under your bed and forget. Unless you want to lose your ass again.

      1. LOL.

        Apple Watch is version 1.0 and already owns the wearable market in terms of profit share, revenue share and market share. Looks like a home run to me even if its on a small playing field.

        The iPad version of iOS 9.0 is getting mouse-like features that make it very usable for more complex documents further encroaching on PCs wherever hand-held portability is desirable. So a good chance of further iPad expansion.

        A new AppleTV has been in the works for a long time. We are talking about Apple so there could be a major release right around the door. We don’t know. But counting that out doesn’t make any sense.

        iPhone is their flagship product but their other products would be massively successful businesses in their own right.

        1. They may be successful as standalone businesses. But they are not. They are part of Apple and they contribute a small amount to the overall revenue. If you doubt that it is an iPhone company, let iPhone sales sag next quarter and see what happens to the stock price. What sort of fanboy world do you live in anyway?

    2. Right MDN, these are only estimates and Apple will release numbers on their earnings call. I thought they were worried about competitors knowing numbers?

      LOL. Apple Watch, nobody?

    1. Yes, MSFT closed higher today. Perhaps the investors were thrilled that the Nokia bungle has been shut down and written off, and all those Fins laid off…

  1. If you back Mac sales out of the total, non-Mac PC sales declined to 61004 from 70,575. This is a decrease of 13.6%.

    Macs grew 16.1%. All other PCs shrank 13.6%.

    The non-Mac PC sales decline is 15% worse than the figure cited by IDC …which includes the mitigating effect of Mac growth.

    Just for the record.

  2. Here is something IDC doesn’t separate out.

    They list PC sales. The problem with that is PC (personal computers) as I think of them are computers for individuals, such as a desktop or for a office environment.

    IDC numbers include “servers” sales. I don’t know about everyone else but when was the last time you saw anyone use a blade server as their PC?

    The numbers are more cooked than IDC leads on. If you back out the server sales the picture is even more bleak for Windows “PC’s”.

    Just saying.

      1. I don’t think they need to back out sales for businesses where the units are for individual use.

        They should back out those used as Point-of-Sales (POS) units. When a store or other facility uses a “PC” as a POS device (and more get sold for that than you’d think) it certainly is not as a Personal Computer. Similarly they should back out all the sales for “PCs” used as lab equipment in medium to large business research and development departments. Those too are certainly not Personal Computers — and many are so highly modified in both hardware, operating systems, and software as to be nothing like what anyone would think of as a Personal Computer.

      2. Exactly.

        I believe it would show actual Windows PC sales are in the toilet and far worse than anything they could imagine. BTW, those PC sales numbers include all those Window’s Surface sales also. Why does IDC include or combine iPad sales in their charts. Why is that do you think? Just because they have a kick stand and a detachable keyboard.

        Again, this is IDC. “Figures don’t lie, but Lier’s figure”.

  3. I remember getting excited that Apple started selling 1M Macs every quarter. That they are now selling 5M Macs every quarter is superb.
    Nearly 8% market share world wide is excellent. Also note that Macs will be around for a lot longer than a PC so the installed base will be even larger.
    Screw the drop in price – those with cash should take advantage.

  4. As predicted just a week ago by the incredible Wall Street Journal. Next week they will tell us the iPhone has had it, and also should be discontinued. Want a hint as to why newspaper sales are el stinko?

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