Why I switched from Google to DuckDuckGo

“Google is fun to say, but DuckDuckGo — at least for me — is a lot more fun to use,” Nate Swanner writes for TNW. “While I can’t repeat the name as a verb (I can ‘Google it’ on Google; I don’t know what I’d say for a DuckDuckGo search), the upstart search engine has quickly become my go-to on a day to day basis.”

“While its main draw is privacy, DuckDuckGo has another killer feature you may not have heard of,” Swanner writes. “In fact, it should cause you to consider ditching your existing search engine for DuckDuckGo — yes, even Google. I’m talking about bangs.

Swanner writes, “Bangs are simply exclamation points ahead of site tags, which redirects you to that page.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you haven’t yet, give DuckDuckGo a try today!

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  1. The problem with DuckDuckGo is that you cannot set a date range. I use this feature all the time in Google.

    Example: Show only postings in the last month or last year.

    Come on Duck Duck please provide date range searching!

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