Why I switched from Google to DuckDuckGo

“Google is fun to say, but DuckDuckGo — at least for me — is a lot more fun to use,” Nate Swanner writes for TNW. “While I can’t repeat the name as a verb (I can ‘Google it’ on Google; I don’t know what I’d say for a DuckDuckGo search), the upstart search engine has quickly become my go-to on a day to day basis.”

“While its main draw is privacy, DuckDuckGo has another killer feature you may not have heard of,” Swanner writes. “In fact, it should cause you to consider ditching your existing search engine for DuckDuckGo — yes, even Google. I’m talking about bangs.

Swanner writes, “Bangs are simply exclamation points ahead of site tags, which redirects you to that page.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If you haven’t yet, give DuckDuckGo a try today!

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  1. I love DDG. It’s easier to use than Google, because there is no paging in the interface. Google is forced to split the results into pages so they can load new ads with each page view.

  2. Made the switch over a year ago. Default search engine on all my devices. Occasionally I feel the results are not quite on par with Google, but I can live with that given DDG’s privacy features.

  3. I tried DDG but it’s not very good in the UK. The results are all US orientated, so searching for recipes for example only yields results from American sites (and I can’t be bothered to convert “cups” or work out what things like “cilantro” are!)

    1. As another UK DDG user, I experienced the same problem. If I were searching to buy something, the results would invariably consist primarily of American sites, which is not at all useful.

      However, I discovered that there is a localisation preference ( DuckDuckGo main page . settings at top RHS of screen ). If you set that to your country, you will get search results that are much more appropriate for where you live.

      I do a lot of cooking and an easy way to search for recipes using weight measures rather than volume measures is to use the term ‘gram’ within the search string. For instance, instead of searching for “key lime pie”, you would search for “key lime pie gram”.

      1. In the UK and most of Europe, it’s called coriander ( or a word that is very similar ) and is widely available.

        The botanical name for it is Coriandrum sativum, which has it’s origins in ancient Greek, where it’s been known to have been grown for 4,000 years.

        Coriander was first introduced to the US in 1670 by British settlers in Massachusetts. Cilantro is the Spanish word for it.

  4. 1) There’s also a DuckDuckGo add-on for Firefox (which I prefer to Chrome). 4 star rated:
    – Adds DDG answers to Goggle & Bling
    – Makes DDG the default search engine
    – Adds a toolbar button
    – Allows the hotkey Opt-G
    – Remembers last search in the popup
    – Shows suggestions as you type in the address bar
    – Provides a changelog in a new tab upon updating
    – Allows showing of debug information

    2) More about banging the Duck:

  5. I found it ok. The UI is too spread out, and the search engine isnt bad but Ive gone back to Google because as mentioned the search seems crisper and more accurate then DDG. They get better Ill stick with it

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