Rob Enderle: ‘Why the Apple Watch failed’

“The Apple Watch hasn’t exactly been the success the iPod, iPhone, and iPad initially were (though to be fair the iPhone and iPod weren’t that great the first year either); with demand matching that of the iPod’s currently, and Apple apparently rushing to get a revised model out the door, things aren’t looking good for this product,” Rob Enderle writes for TechZone360.

MacDailyNews Take: Enderle’s “evidence” of “demand matching that of the iPod” are Google searches. That, of course, is not an accurate measure of demand. Enderle’s “evidence” of “Apple apparently rushing to get a revised model out the door” are the standard rumors and speculation about Apple Watch 2. That, of course, is not evidence of Apple “rushing to get a revised model out the door.” One sentence in: Two lies already.

“The reasons the Apple Watch isn’t doing well are that its name works against it, it likely should have come before and not after the iPhone, and we wear it like a watch, not like the amazing new device it should be,” Enderle writes. “I expect that by the third version Apple will find its stride with this product or send it to the great Apple graveyard in the sky.”

Full article, tucked safely behind donotlink, here.

MacDailyNews Take: Rob Enderle is a fool’s fool.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


      1. Is that the moron orandy?
        Or someone having fun by being even more over-the-top that orandy?

        Anyway, orandy, if you knew ANYTHING, you would know that Enderle is one of the biggest fools in the whole world of “media”. To associate yourself with him nicely reinforces your status as imbecilic child.

        1. You would know something about imbecillic children, Sean.

          That’s because your current boyfriend has about 6 of them spread out all over the city (he wasn’t always gay, at least that what he tells himself anyway).

          You Apple Watch buyers will go down in history as the biggest suckers that ever walked the planet, while you actually have the nerve to call someone else a fool?

          That’s like Mel Gibson telling someone they’re “out of control”.

          Goodnight Seanboy!

          1. Orandy’s posts simply bring into clear focus everything that is wrong with MDN’s unmoderated comment sections. His consistently childish, completely ignorant, mean-spirited, and downright nasty posts not only add nothing to the discussion, they drag it down to such a base level that no one in their right mind would want to waste any time reading these comment sections.

            MDN needs to look at their little corner of the web and then look at themselves in the mirror, and then ask themselves: What would Steve Jobs say about the MDN “product”? Until MDN does this and then makes the appropriate changes, the frequent criticisms that they are so fond of throwing in other’s direction in their “takes” are just hypocritical musings which carry no weight.

            I would ask MDN to consider — is their goal to just put money in their pockets or as Steve Jobs has said to “make a dent in the universe”?

      2. “The worst Apple product ever.
        The worst product ever.
        Only an idiot would buy it… oh guess what, only idiots did buy it!”

        Wow! All I can do is stare in amazement. I though I knew what was going on, orandy, but all those numerous positive reviews had me fooled. You have shown me the error of my ways with this deep thinking, penetrating insight and superb logic.

        You must have been head of the debating team for sure.
        With that level of intellect, you should become a tech pundit.

        1. @Johnboy

          All you did was reinforce your literal and subconscious homosexuality, while using one of your favorite words ‘penetrating’.

          I know you don’t want to be associated with those other foolish people who bought this POS, but you will, because you’re just as naive as the other Apple Watch consumers.

          It’s really sad because you actually believe you are intelligent; yet just like the Apple Watch hype… it’s just an illusion.

        1. Future Media, you are so gay that you make my Avatar look like a US Marine.

          For someone to get gayer than you, they would having to be walking Hollywood Boulevard wearing nothing but skintight, tiger shorts!

          1. I’m confused. Are people voting up this guy because he’s being sarcastic and trying to be funny, or because they actually like what he’s saying?

            Don’t have enough experience with orandy to know for sure.

            1. Anyone…absolutely anyone can post under an anonymous username on this forum. MDN has repeatedly stated that they prefer this openness (to increase web traffic and ad impressions regardless of the serious devaluation of this forum).

              You guys got suckered by an orandy impostor. If we get defensive and react to bait like this on MDN, then we will attract pranksters for across the Internet.

      3. The naysayers crack me up. The Apple Watch has been on the market for less than 13 weeks (a full quarter), no sales numbers have released, its very likely that sales will be greater than Apple’s most successful new product (iPad 3.270 Million units in launch quarter) and the naysayers are pronouncing the Apple Watch a failure.

        Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. In the case of Enderle and posters like Orandy 64 they have two, an asshole and an asshole opinion.

      1. The Enderle Group” is a paid hack organization. In its original incarnation it was paid by MSFT to publish Apple bashing hit pieces.. These days he contracts with Samsung and Google.

        Rob Enderle is the epitome of a “journalistic” whore.

    1. MDN and others:

      Stop pontificating. Stop defending this product. If people want it they’ll buy it. If not, just move on and live your life.

      The fact that Apple has been completely silent on sales numbers with no bragging press release speaks volumes about sales of Apple Watch. If they do not release granular numbers at the upcoming quarterly earnings it’s further evidence that it’s not selling well. We shall see what their response is on that call when people will ask them how Apple Watch is doing.

      I fully expect you guys to make all kinds of excuses for it. The first stage is denial. I will say it and keep saying it that this product is not viable. It has no future. Nobody wants a computer watch and nobody needs it. I wish it were viable because it’s a new platform.

      I predict that as quickly as the Watch came into existence, it’ll die and everyone will move on. I predict that Apple will release Version 2 of the Watch and OS 2 within 8 months and if that doesn’t work, they’ll kill it and never talk about it again.

      1. Hey just to let you know that I left you a reply to your post at the “Tim Cook leads over 8,000 Apple employees in San Francisco Gay Pride Parade”.

        Insofar as this thread is concerned, I don’t think there is a need to defend the watch, it’s doing well. Apple said it would not release sales figures on the watch prior to it’s release.

        As with the iPhone and iPad: “When the numbers clearly and overwhelmingly supported Apple as the market leader, they gladly let those facts be known.”

        I’m pretty sure that I’ve also read that the sales figures would be withheld for competitive reasons. I’m also sure that Tim expected the watch to sell 50 million units in the first year.

        Either way, the watch has just been released, it will take time before sales figures are released, it’s way too early to say if it is a success or failure in my opinion. Indeed we shall see, at least those who are open minded and not casting chickens before the eggs hatch.

        That brings me to Rob Endofrear. This guy writing an article “Why the Apple Watched failed.” is certainly one of the best indicators that the watch will do excellent. This hit whore, Microsoft shill, has been so wrong about Apple for so long that his consistent missing of the mark is actually something that speaks volumes. I’d be in a panic if he wrote “The Apple Watch is a great success.”

        Remember denial works both ways. Repeating and repeating that this product is not viable is as much of a denial as those you expect to make excuses for it.

        When Tim Cook took the helm at Apple, I waited to see if he would be decent. He proved that to me. This is his real test, his first product the watch and I’m willing to wait until the sales figures come in. Data, one cannot make bricks without clay. Speculation is fine, but at the end of the day, it’s the facts that count.

        1. Road Warrior:

          1. A simple viewing of Apple’s past press releases demonstrates that they release hard, granular sales numbers as little as just a handful of days after a product launch weekend. This, of course, if sales are good… they brag.
          2. Apple is absolutely known industry wide for releasing hard sales numbers of their products. By them not doing this, they go against what they do. And there’s only one reason: to hide sales numbers and not because of competitors. Part of them releasing sales figures is to give people… developers and consumers confidence in a product or whatever. That helps people make a buy because it gives them confidence in buying it. The other part is for shareholders and the markets. Tim Cook/Apple may have stated that they’d hold back on sales numbers with the Watch… but why do you think they set that up like that? To cover their ass in case sales didn’t go well. There’s no reason to hide sales other than if they’re crap. The smartwatch market has been around for years and Samsung and others had already been on 3 generations or more by the time the Apple Watch came out.
          3. We have no sales figures for the Apple Watch. None. Everything is hearsay unless it comes from Apple. So how do we know if the Apple Watch is successful? By looking around us and seeing how many people are wearing them. Right now, I don’t see anyone wearing them. I’ve been in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, and down south over the past 2 weeks. Things may pick up but as it is, this product does not appear to have been selling well based on this observation. However, we shall see once sales data comes out. If Apple is tight lipped about it, then we have to assume sales are not good. This would be supported by the lack of Apple Watches in the wild.

          1. To #1: Anyone, anyone who considers that what Apple has done in the past will be repeated usually ends up with a rude awakening. Yup, they do release sales figures and brag when they are good but you’d be a fool to think they would consistently that approach.

            To #2: It’s basically more diatribe, and you’ve certainly put your myopic conclusion up front “but why do you think they set that up like that? To cover their ass in case sales didn’t go well.” without waiting for the facts to come in.

            See that’s the real thing Dftr, you are drawing your conclusion and thumping your chest right now without the fact. When the sales figures come in people will think that you are either a genius and you can thump your chest even louder, or they will be waiting for you to eat crow. Odds are you won’t do that of course, can’t say that I’ve seen Zune Thang or Jay Morrison eat crow but the nice thing at least is that I have to see their sorry asses here anymore, though between you and me, I would not be surprised that they simply changed handles and put forth the same paranoid vitriol.

            Again, I’ll wait for the facts when Apple decides to release them. The happy mark is around 50 million units in the first year.

            To #3: This finally starts to make some sense, thanks for sharing your personal observations. I would not expect to see a lot in the wild at this time either. I can conjecture a must slower adaptation rate for so many reasons, the style of device, the style of sale, the demographic, it’s so new, it’s Tim Cook’s baby that who knows. The only thing I expect is Apple to be tight lipped about it and thus letting the pundits fall over themselves as they so consistently do, I mean go back and read Enderle’s many many derogatory articles about Apple, all missing the mark.

            We shall see once data sales come out, I have to agree but the way you are spouting off, the odds of you making a comment under this handle once the data sales come out gets lower and lower the more you persist.

            Just saying, from past experience.

      2. I predict everything you just said will require you to serve yourself up a giant plate of crow. Apple is far and away the most honest about actual sold product, unlike others. I am sure we will hear sales numbers coming up soon at the next quarterly report. You act like there’s a conspiracy not to report accurate numbers which they have always done, when that is actually a Scamsunk problem.

        I also predict you will disappear once your trollish predictions fall by the wayside and laughter at your foolish expense ensues.

  1. I don’t have an Apple Watch and will be waiting to get one, but even I know you can’t judge it by the same criteria as the iPhone. Since you need an iPhone to make the most of it, you can effectively consider it an accessory (albeit a full featured one), so sales are effectively limited to a subset of iPhone owners, whereas the iPhone sales are basically open to anyone on the planet. It’s always going to have lower sales numbers. It’s also obviously going to be a case of figuring out a balance between what you do on your phone and what you do on your watch. Since you can technically do the things on Apple watch on your phone people aren’t necessarily going to be in a rush to get one, whereas with the iPhone if they don’t have one (a phone) they can’t do any of those things so will likely deem that the more important purchase for now.

  2. One point. The thing I’m most disappointed about the Apple Watch is the name. I’m not sure I would prefer iWatch but Apple Watch isn’t really a good name.

    Having said that, I really don’t think the name affects sales.

    I like my Apple Watch very much, but I will admit, I’ve been telling my friends to wait for Gen 2 unless they are really into fitness tracking, because at this point the 3rd party apps really don’t do much. Maybe this will quickly change with the next version of iOS.

        1. Awh, RastaMouse!

          You didn’t even ask me about my Avatar.

          It’s a picture of a gay Apple fanboy, but actually mine is one of the more masculine ones.

          They actually get even more feminine, if you can believe that.


            1. Silver Snatch, what’s up?

              We were just talking about idiots who bought an Apple Watch… what a coincidence, do you like my Avatar?


            2. It’s a Shakespeare quote you fscking cretin.

              Can’t MDN do something about these kids posting vitriol on their forums? It’s a disgrace that morons like this are allowed to post this hokum.

    1. The reason is iWatch was taken. The same for Apple TV. ITV is a decades old British TV channel, there is no way they could have gotten that. Not sure about the iWatch, maybe they were holding out for too much money.

  3. Ederle could write about MS’s decline and mass layoffs or he could write about Apple, even though his Apple stuff is FUD. What do you think gets him the most hits?

    He’s no fool, just a normal scumbag.

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