IT.Enquirer reviews FileMaker Pro Advanced 14: ‘Database development and publishing at their best’

“FileMaker 14 is a database platform made up of desktop based development and browsing apps, and web browser and mobile clients,” IT.Enquirer writes.

“The back end has the same power and capability as previous versions, but the front end has once again been improved considerably,” IT.Enquirer writes.FileMaker Pro Advanced was the version I tested. The improvements FileMaker has added in the new version make developing cross-client databases a lot easier and more streamlined.”

“While not being a no-brainer, publishing a database in a sexy wrapper is no longer something for which you need to hire a database developer,” IT.Enquirer writes.You can easily make your database look professional and finished— even if you don’t have a degree in user interface design — with this latest version.”

Much more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Note: FileMaker, Inc., an Apple subsidiary that needs to lose the comma, makes software that transforms businesses by enabling users to create and run custom solutions that work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web. Millions of people worldwide rely on the FileMaker Platform to share information, manage projects, track assets and more.


  1. I love FMP. I use it everyday.

    But what I wish FMP had was a “slim client” version that only connects to a served FM database from a FMP Server.

    This way our development team would buy FMPA, give the file to be hosted on a FMPS and everybody else in the office could use the slim FM Client version to connect to it.

    Right now, everybody who wants to connect to the shared FM database has to buy an expensive FMP with features they never use. Most of the people in our office don’t ever design a database, yet the need FMP to accessed the shared FM databases on our FMPS.

    Yes, I know, there is websharing built into FMP. We prefer connecting to the shared FM databases through a FMP at each persons station.

    But FMP is expensive. It’s great, it’s powerful. But we need a slim client version that only connects to a FMPS and doesn’t include the ability to create new databases and we need it to cost very little so we can put it on every station. No need to charge a lot for it if it’s only a client connecting to a server.

    1. They used to have exactly that. It was great. It was called FileMaker runtime if I recall. It would run your database app locally or off server. Then they ended it and their prices skyrocketed and their licensing became arcane with all the different versions.

      They’re so expensive I have clients still running version 9.

    2. They probably could add this now – it would just be a native version of their web client, and you’d pay the same way as you do for WebDirect and FileMaker Go (iOS) – per connection to server. It wouldn’t hurt their revenue model. It’s not cheap, though. You’re getting what you pay for with FileMaker. It’s worth it.

    1. Sequel Pro, Records for Mac by Push Popcorn, General DB, Tap Forms for Mac, iDatabase… there are quite a few small database options out there now.

      1. Records looks nice, but my problem with these unknown, 3rd party apps is that I don’t know which one I can trust. They are too new. I wouldn’t want my database to get screwed up…

  2. THEY SHOULD HAVE KEPT BENTO, continuing to refine and improve it. Even as is, the last version was very useful for a lot of people, including mom & pop businesses.

      1. Give Tap Forms HD a look. You set up a simple DB yourself. Reminds me of Bento, but not as pretty. And definitely for simple things, not running a large business.

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