Dark Sky app wants to use your iPhone’s barometric pressure data

“One of the sensors Apple added to its newest iPhones measures barometric pressure. That’s handy to watch for local weather changes but it’s even handier when the data from thousands of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets are crowd-sourced, says Dark Sky,” Kevin Tofel reports for ZDNet.

“The company makes what is one of my favorite weather apps due to its very accurate hyper-local weather information,” Tofel reports. “Using various sources and user-reported weather conditions, Dark Sky is often correct in prediction to the exact minute when precipitation will start or stop.”

Tofel reports, “With the latest software upgrade, Dark Sky gains a few visual features — such as a 24-hour weather timeline for your specific location — a daily weather summary option and the ability for newer iPhones to send in barometric pressure data.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Dark Sky (US$3.99 via Apple’s App Store) really is quite accurate and now, with this crowd-sourced barometric pressure data, it’s set to get even more accurate!


  1. Just read the article and switched on the barometric pressure reporting. I love Dark Skies, and if I can do anything to help it work better, I’m happy to. They’ve earned me as a loyal customer since WeatherBug decided to renege on their promise of ad-free weather reporting when they automatically “upgraded” their paying customers and crapped up the whole user interface.

  2. I have no problem with this app collecting crowd sourcing weather information automatically. Sounds like a great idea. Just don’t drain my battery too much, stop doing it when my battery is less then 20%, and keep my identity private.

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