Why Apple should buy DuckDuckGo

“Apple creates great products, but struggles to do the same for Internet services,” Emil Protalinski writes for VentureBeat. “One of the most important, hardest-to-build, and useful Internet services of our day is the search engine.”

“The top search engines are all either owned by Apple’s direct competitors, or are failing to keep up with innovations from Google and to a lesser extent, Microsoft,” Protalinski writes. “Apple needs a search engine that respects user privacy, is already familiar with the company’s products, and can help the company take on the likes of Google Now and Cortana.”

Protalinski writes, “Thankfully, a search engine that just happens to be the perfect fit for Apple already exists: DuckDuckGo.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Plus, it has a stupid name that just begs to be changed to “Apple Search.” It’s perfect for Apple!


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  1. I use DDG, but have to fallback to Google often and here are the top reasons:

    1. No time-based search
    2. No businesses on a map when doing a search for local businesses
    3. Images and Video are sparse and sometimes have nothing to do with the search

    If Apple buys DDG they would be investing in a product that needs A LOT of work. But, it should be noted that Google censors much of their search when compared to DDG. This means the quality and number of links provided by DDG are far superior to Google on many topics, such as politics.

  2. [“Apple needs a search engine that respects user privacy]

    Yeah, that would be great, but if you read the user licenses Apple’s web services, even the most amendment Apple fan has to acknowledge that Apple lusts over user data as much as much as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

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