Video: $10,000 Apple Watch Edition smashed by powerful neodymium magnets

TechRax asks, “What better way to put the 38mm 18k yellow gold Apple Watch Edition to use then to crush it with 2 powerful neodymium magnets equaling to 650 pounds of force?”

So, in a followup to his unboxing video, TechRax has posted “$10,000 Gold Apple Watch Edition Crushed By Magnets” to his YouTube Channel.

Check out how the Apple Watch Edition does versus two powerful neodymium magnets:

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: Smashingly effective is showing just how hardy Apple Watch Edition is – it still chimes upon connection to the charger!

The 18-karat gold developed for Apple Watch Edition is up to twice as hard as standard gold:


$10,000 Apple Watch Edition unboxed; may soon be destroyed – May 24, 2015


      1. Which is exactly why you shouldn’t click on the video.

        If you click on it, he gets rewarded. If nobody clicked on it, he ends up ten grand down. I think he’s almost certainly going to make money on it though.

        1. What is really sad, is that he does not know how magnets work. If you notice the magnets were S-S and N-N so they would repel each other. When he rotated one around, it was then N-S and S-N so they snapped together. so hard that the magnet broke.

          Also, just a thought. the 650 lbs of attraction is with them sitting together. When they are allowed to come together free hand, the impact force is super increased due to velocity and mass equations.

          Weird days.

    1. Yes, I’m sure you THINK that you could do many better things with that money, but how many of those “better” things would generate the profits he will receive from doing what HE did?

      It’s HIS money, not your’s, and his expenditures are frankly none of your business, even if you’re a bleeding heart liberal.

      But if you have 10 grand or 1 grand of just a hundred bucks, no one is stopping you from flushing it down the toilet.

  1. When you watch in comfort this little stupid video its good to remeber that for 10K you can build a village school for 100 children in central Africa or vaccinate 1000 newborns against malaria. Have a nice day lucky people.

  2. “Hey Guys, I can crush a $10,000 Apple Watch with magnets!”

    What an idiot. . . Seriously, who gives a sh!t!? He needs to get a job, hobby, or some activity that will consume his wasted time. . .

  3. Some of you idiots seem to think he’s just going to throw all that gold away in that trash. The gold is worth thousands of dollars, and all he has to do is sell it to one of the many people who can harvest it. His profits will begin when his ad sales exceed a few thousand dollars; Not ten thousand.

    Liberals are such innumerate, delicate, fussy, neurotic, busybody worry warts.

    1. Bobby boy, Beanbob, or whatever your name is, let’s just say you are not the brightest “bean”.

      The value of that gold on the salvaged gold market is not as much as you think it is. So, although his loss is not exactly $10000, it is….how shall I put it…..substantial. That proves that it is actually YOU that is innumerate.

      Now, on the delicate, fussy, nurotic front, let me point out that, again, it is YOU, the one who seems to reply to every little response that actually fits that description.

      On the “worry wort” front, you got me there!! You don’t seem to the least bit worried about showing us how utterly stupid you are.

    2. See the Apple patent entitled “Method and Apparatus for forming a gold metal matrix composite” (US 20140361670 A1).

      In simple terms, “Apple gold” is lighter, stronger and more scratch-resistant than conventional 18 karat gold through alloys of low-density ceramic particles instead of precious metals. It also contains roughly half the amount of pure 24 karat gold as ordinary 18 karat gold (which is 75% gold, 15% silver, and 10% copper).

      So, how much actual gold is in the Apple Watch Edition? For the models on Apple’s current Edition page, the answer is about half an ounce.

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