Jim Dalrymple’s first look at OS X El Capitan

“I began using OS X El Capitan shortly after last week’s WWDC keynote when I met with Apple to talk about the latest release of the operating system,” Jim Dalrymple writes for The Loop. “A lot of people have asked me what my favorite announcement during the keynote was, and my answer was always the same—the focus on performance and stability for OS X. Yosemite brought many improvements and tighter integration with iOS, but it was time to go back stabilize everything.”

“I know from my limited use, Split View is going to be one of my most used features in OS X,” Dalrymple writes. “Split View is very easy to initiate too. Just hold down the green window button and your desktop will split into two sections—drop the current window into one of the sections and the remaining open applications will be available on the other side—chose the one you want there and that’s it, you’re now in Split View. Exiting Split View is equally as easy—hit the escape key on your keyboard and you’re back to your desktop… Split View is also window-based, not app-based, which means you can have two windows from one application in Split View. For example, if I want two Safari windows open in Split View, I can do that.”

“Apple is focusing on the right things with OS X El Capitan—performance, efficiency and a few features that will make the operating system better for us to use,” Dalrymple writes. “My use of the new features gives me a good sense of what to expect in the new OS when it’s released and I can’t wait.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Stability, speed improvements and Split View. That’ll be more than enough to make us very happy over the coming year. El Capitan could quickly become one of the most popular Mac operating system versions ever!

Thanks, Apple!


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  1. Now please fix iMovie and iPhoto.
    iMovie does not see the new “photos app” library, I have to import the photos directly from a folder to the project. Also, it doesn’t split audio or video like we used to in old versions ( cmd+T ).
    The new photo app does not have the organization skills that iPhoto have. Why did they force the new app?
    Well, stability improvements are more than welcome in El Capitan.

  2. “MacDailyNews Take: Stability, speed improvements and Split View. That’ll be more than enough to make us very happy over the coming year. El Capitan could quickly become one of the most popular Mac operating system versions ever!”

    But it was so lame when MS announced split view for Windows 7. The endless jokes have turned to praise now that Apples doing it. Kinda lame MDN.

    1. No, you are wrong. What we used to laugh at was the way Windows would ACCIDENTLY take over the whole scream when all you wanted to do was move the window a bit to a different place. Like Batman’s cape it would whoooose into place leaving you scrambling for the window you actually wanted. This is just one example of the snap and whoooose nightmare with Windows. There are no such problems with split view.

      Another thing comes to mind. Remember when touch screens on phones used to be terrifying because if you touched it with your ear or cheek it would start to dial other numbers? Then Apple came out with the iPhone and showed how it really should be done. Kind of the same thing here. It’s kind of terrifying to use Windows, and now Apple is showing how it really should be done.

      1. Largely that’s been Apple’s raison d’être since the beginning – showing others how to do something right. And yet the idiot geektard contingent berates Apple for it like all of this is so obvious it shouldn’t get any credit.

  3. I upgraded to OSX EC on a late 2012 13″ macbook pro and splitview works. On a lat 2013 15″ macbook pro splitview does not work. Anyone else see this? Hopefully fixed in a later release.

  4. I just wish they would allow iOS to use custom email addresses in the from field like you can on OS X so that I can use Handoff. If I create a message with a customer from address in my iCloud account on OS X, then handoff to my iPhone it allows me to send it but then it just disappears into the ether and is never received and doesn’t show in the sent folder.

  5. Are there keyboard shortcuts (or at least options to add our own shortcuts in Keyboard system prefs > Shortcuts) for entering split view or dropping the current window into the left or right panes?

      1. Depends on what it is. GarageBand is not better than ProTools, Digital Performer or Logic. I’m counting it as OS included since it’s on any Mac you buy.

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