At WWDC, clues that Apple is adding a stylus to the iPad

“Tim Ritchey is an expert in iPad styluses — the pressure-sensitive digital pens that draw with pinpoint accuracy on an iPad,” Leander Kahney reports for Cult of Mac. “Ritchey works for Adonit, a company that makes a line of Bluetooth styli for the iPad.”

“In the middle of a WWDC session this week, he heard something that prompted him to send a panicky note to his colleagues in Slack, the popular messaging system,” Kahney reports. “‘Oh shit!’ he said.”

“Steve Jobs famously pledged that Apple would never ship an iOS device with a stylus, but there’s mounting evidence that the company is working on a new and bigger work-oriented iPad that will come with a stylus,” Kahney reports. “A couple of big clues dropped this week at WWDC.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The stylus will become more important with the “iPad Pro,” with its larger display for enterprise and education.

Before anybody goes quoting the guy below, an iPad is not an iPhone:

Who wants a stylus? You have to get ’em and put ’em away and you lose them. Yuck! Nobody wants a stylus, so let’s not use a stylus. – Steve Jobs, January 9, 2007


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    1. I would agree, too inelegant. But they could produce an Apple stylus that was optimized for the iPad, while still keeping finger-touch as a fully functional option.

        1. I was thinking about the on-board stowage of a stylus. Something fiddly, to get lost, then be obvious in the fact that it’s missing, making you device look neglected. Just not stylish.

          Personally, I use a stylus about 95% of the time I have my iPad in my hands. I’d love to see and Apple branded stylus with an Apple branded iPad case/cover that provided a retention capability for it. iPad upgrade time is rapidly approaching. If they do a stylus, I hope it’s soon.

  1. Spot on about “quoting the guy below” there, MDN. I never had a desire for a stylus until the rumors of the maxiPad came around and I started thinking about how I would use it. So I bought one for my wife to try out on her iPad, and she loves it. Even just playing games. So I’m sure I’ll want one when the day comes. But I don’t see myself ever wanting it for the phone in my pocket. Makes Steve still perfectly correct!

    1. With a stylus I can precisely tap out a long number or navigate one of those maddening automated phone systems. Without a stylus, I risk chipping my newly painted nails.

  2. I agree that the iPad Pro will become very important with a stylus but at the same token there’s nothing stopping Apple from adding stylus capability to 9.7″ iPad Air 3. Not all iPad users want the bigger screen just for stylus capability.

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