Eight hidden improvements for your Mac in OS X 10.11 El Capitan

“During Yesterday’s keynote presentation on the upcoming OS X El Capitan, Apple’s Craig Federighi outlined a number of the new features of the upcoming release of OS X,” Topher Kessler reports for MacIssues. “In particular he focused on new window management approaches, and Spotlight searches, as well as some performance improvements with the optimized ‘Metal’ API.”

Kessler writes, “However, there are a few additional improvements in OS X 10.11 noted that Federighi did not discuss, but which might be quite beneficial.”

Hidden improvements for your Mac in OS X 10.11 El Capitan:
1. File copy resume
2. Copy file path in Finder
3. Redesigned Disk Utility
4. New service extensions
5. File and folder rename in the contextual menu
6. Auto-hiding menu bars
7. Improved autofill
8. New color picker

Each of the eight features discussed in detail in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Which new feature of El Capitan are you most excited about getting?


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  1. I was a bit dismayed that the presentation was mostly focused on the look of the system and full screen modes and such that I have little use for. I am not interested in more gestures. The more these things are included it seems the further we get away from true Macintoshism. The big deal about Macs was originally that if you knew one program, say MacPaint, you knew 70% of every other program, because the menu bar and commands worked alike and were in the same place. This was and remains revolutionary. But as each new system comes out, there seem to be more hidden commands, less menu bar commands, and more of the same things this fixed originally. We retreat back to the time where you could get into a program and not know how to get out or where to go. A lot of what was shown on El Capitan looked like PC programs from 1988. If you have ever supported users you know what a nightmare it will be to figure out on the phone that someone is in full screen mode and doesn’t know to hit escape. With no menu bar you are right back 30 years ago. Progress is not breaking what was brilliant.

  2. Bring back colourful sidebar in Finder (or the option of it) and pre-Mavericks tagging for folders/files rather than bullets — or at least the option to display that way. Oh, and how about a clearer font on the AppStore? A thin/light tightly-kerned Helvetica Neue is not good, better to use Lucida Grande, as on the Apple website, as we are using on this forum. It’s time (lol) to use fonts designed for the screen, especially when run small!

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