Wish list for Apple’s OS X 10.11

“At Monday’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote, Apple will almost certainly preview the next version of Mac OS X. Hopefully, the company will concentrate on stability and performance issue, as well as bug fixes,” Dennis Sellers writes for Apple Daily Report. “Beyond those, here are some things I’d love to see.”

• Siri for Mac
• FaceTime group video calling
• The ability to rename, delete and trash folders from the Open and Save dialog boxes

And a bunch more in the full article…

“By the way, isn’t Mac OS X (as in ‘ten’) 11 an awkward name?” Sellers writes. “I suspect that Apple will simply drop the 11, 11.1, etc., names and simply call future versions of the operating system Mac OS X (place here the name of the California location Apple will use).”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple began calling the Macintosh’s operating system “OS X” with the release of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion on July 25, 2012. Prior, it was called “Mac OS X.” We’re not sure if Sellers is saying Apple will bring back the “Mac” or if he’s just still calling it “Mac OS X” and means they’ll call it “OS X Redwood” or whatever California name they choose.

Regardless, the three bullet points above (out of a bunch of other “wants” in the full article) all highlight things that you’d have thought would be here already, but aren’t. They’re the sort of thing you’d expect Apple to have honed, but the company was perhaps moving too fast with too many personnel changes.

For OS X 10.11, what we most want to see is attention to detail; a honing and fleshing out of existing ideas. Take existing features (Siri, FaceTime, Finder) and refine them. For OS X 10.11 (and, for that matter for iOS 9), we’d like nothing more than “The Mother of All Maintenance Releases.”

What feature(s) would you most like to see in the next version of OS X?


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  1. It isn’t even “Mac OS X” anymore, it’s just “OS X”. Nowadays I suppose they could have X represent a variable for any version rather than the roman numeral for ten.

      1. Must say I rather like this solution.

        Then things start to make me wonder…

        From the the idea of a Unix operating system, Apple used “X”.
        From the personal mid-range consumer level and successful return of the internet computer iMac, Apple used “i” replacing the phone OS for its expanding line of portable devices. Also around the time Apple became Apple inc. rebranding itself from Apple Computers Inc.

        xOS 11, iOS 9; but what about the Watch OS.
        Should Apple then call it wOS 1?

        Wozz will love it.

  2. Facetime group video call is a rather glaring missing feature, since a) this ability was in iChat around Mac OS X 10.4 or 10.5 b) average bandwidth has doubled or tripled in speed since then, c) more efficient codecs reduce data rate even at higher quality, d) other major video chat services offer group video chats for free

  3. Apple needs to focus on making sure everything works and that it works as fast as possible.


    Return Save As

    Fix Mail issues

    OSX 10.11 needs additional user interface options.

    The Mac market is growing and therefore the needs are also growing. I know several iMac users who are over 50 years old. They are really having problems with the smaller fonts introduced in Yosemite.

    The current accessibility options to Increase Contrast and Reduce Transparency turn everything an ugly gray.

    A better solution is to create a personalization section in System Preferences. Where colors and font sizes can be changed to meet the needs of various Mac owners.

    The user should have controls similar to Windows 7 and Windows 10 where the following items can be configured for maximum accessibility and productivity:

    Transparency on or off without increasing contrast.

    Finder Sidebar Color If Transparency is off – currently everything is gray, gray, gray.

    Change Dock Color if Transparency is off. I purchased a computer with a color screen, I’d like to set the colors that are best for me.

    Font and Font Size for the Window and the Menu (Some fonts are tiny on a 27 inch iMac.)

    Titlebar Color and Titlebar Font Color

    App Store Font Size (Very small on a 27 inch iMac)

    Window placement controls (See Better Snap Tool from the Apple App Store.)

    Option to set the default function of the Green Zoom Maximize button:

    – Max for content (traditional function)
    – Full window with Dock & Meunu visible
    – Full screen without Dock and menu visible

    Ability to set whether an App opens Windowed, Full Screen or Full Window. I get tired of having to adjust the app to the right size and position each and every time I open it. Third party add-ons help, however, they often have compatibility issues. Greater control over program defaults should be built into the operating system.

    These options improve accessibility and productivity.

    1. Best post I’ve read in a while. Does Apple not realize the largest segment of the U.S. population is hitting retirement age?
      Make the dam human interface easier to use. Not harder.
      Some dumb shit 20 year old thought, I can read it, so everyone else can.

      1. Agreed – Apple ease of use is messed up.

        iOS once was a super simple solution.
        It got very complicated by competing with the advancements done for Android. Swipe from the edges is not intuitive to a UI. No indication as to what is at the top, the left edge or bottom.

        OS X has tried to use the thinking of iOS for some reason of its simplicity and unification to the over all way Apple does things… but its been a major fail.

        Don’t get me wrong – I love Apple. But the user experience and ease of use is lost.

        Siri and AI could offer simplified was to use an electronic device unifying whatever iOS xOS wOS that Apple has us use. Pull it out of Beta… Steve Jobs marked Siri as the third next UI… come on Apple – you bought the technology now expand it far beyond what other companies have.

  4. Identify everything in the user interface that confuses the average person (actually make that the below average person), simplify them to the extent possible (from a Steve Jobs perspective, not a Microsoft-like perspective), and add a truly usable help system to explain what is left to explain. For an example of what can use help, have a look at Network System Preferences.
    Make things like pinch to zoom consistent among all applications. Fix autocorrect and make it work everywhere, not just most of the time.

  5. How is the memory compression technology working for you?
    In theory it would make the computer work as if it has a bit more RAM installed, but for me both Mavericks and Yosemite are clearly worse (and slower) than previous OS X versions.
    Even if they are more resource-hungry OSes, the memory compression should alleviate a bit the need for more RAM.
    But for me it is quite the opposite. The memory pressure graph gets maxed too easily.
    Anyway, while I don’t have a new machine, a 2.5GHz i5 processor with 4GB RAM should not be slow in any way.

  6. A startup monitor so I can find out exactly what’s taking my iMac nearly four minutes to boot up. It would give me a breakdown of what each sequence of seconds is loading up along with an intelligent suggestion system that can help me reduce boot time i.e. “I notice that you have several unnecessary fonts loading that are extending your startup time. Would you like me to close them for you?”

  7. Just two things: 1) to be able to adjust Time Machine’s interval and total backup size and 2) a comprehensive terminal command “dictionary” with all possible options. 😀

    And one more: an Apple Watchface construction kit.

  8. I want the “3D” look as an option. Mac WAS better looking. Now , I’m not kidding:
    Is there an app that give me BACK my 3D “look” ?
    The close, minimize, expand buttons look childish !
    Their nothing but dots. What happened to the BETTER looking glass-3D “look” ?
    Really, is there an app to change that?

    1. I could not disagree more. Apple will inevitably go back to 3D, but not the crude 2D illusion of 3D they had before in OS X, more like iOS in the near term, and more like HoloLens/Oculus Rift in the not-so-near term, and finally entire virtual worlds after the singularity when we’ve directly embedded iCloud and the Internet to our biological brains.

      1. “entire virtual worlds after the singularity when we’ve directly embedded iCloud and the Internet to our biological brains.”

        You must watch too much tv, movies and play too many games. Hope you dont actually believe that junk, and in the off chance it becomes true, I will not be participating.

        With iOS, OSX and of course, Windows operating the way they do, I will not allow it to happen.

        Maybe you are just being funny..in the Saturday morning cartoon sense.

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