The price you’ll pay for Google’s ‘free’ photo storage

“There’s a new, easier and free way to store and organize your photos, but beware of the fine print,” Kathleen Burke reports for MarketWatch. “”

“Google rolled out Google Photos, its stand-alone photo storage app, last week. The app was originally run within Google+, but has been separated and developed with additional features. As with many new technologies, however, it comes with new risks to privacy and security,” Burke reports. “‘Convenience cuts both ways,’ said Christopher Budd, a global threat communications manager at Trend Micro. ‘Things that make it convenient to share what I want in ways that I want also make it convenient to share in ways I don’t want.’ … ‘When there’s not a money cost, there is more likely a cost in terms of the information that you’re sharing,’ he said.”

“Google’s privacy policy states that it collects information such as the type of device you use, websites you visit or your physical location,” Burke reports. “The policy says the information is used to protect and develop new services and customize advertising.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A picture tells a thousand words. Tens of thousands of pictures? Of your entire family? Geotagged and facially-recognized? By the world’s foremost online advertising conglomerate? Sheesh!

That’s right, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

All that said: Google Photos is creepy and we’d never use it due to massive privacy concerns, but our tests have shown that it can automatically create interesting, fun, and coherent animations, collages and more with aplomb; in fact, Apple should be embarrassed. Hopefully, this spurs Apple to do a much better job with their own photo services. Start copying some of these features, Apple. We’d love to use them in a safe, secure environment where our photos aren’t being mined for marketing data.


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