Dvorak: Google Photos is too creepy

“At Google I/O, people were abuzz over the new Google Photos app, which lets you store an unlimited number of 16-megapixel photos as well as 1080p videos—for free!” John C. Dvorak writes for PC Magazine. “This seemed awfully fishy to me. I’m not buying into any “all you can eat for free” cloud storage scams. Why does Google want all my photos?”

“New laws being proposed in the United Kingdom would require companies like Google to turn over this cache of photos to the government by simple request,” Dvorak writes. “And according to Edward Snowden, the U.S. government and its data collection programs are already in bed with companies like Google. So turning over my entire photo collection to Google amounts to letting two governments fish through my media.”

Dvorak writes, “Let me simplify it for you: Unless you are a Mac user who trusts that the computer has good intentions and you actually are comfortable not knowing what is really going on, you will hate this service.

MacDailyNews Take: WTF?

This is a Google service, not an Apple service. Mac users, being smarter than Windows PC sufferers, hate this “service” the most, you bloated gasbag. We trust Apple. We distrust Google. It isn’t hard.

Ignore Dvorak’s wildly overreaching, disjointed, yet totally predictable anti-Apple/anti-Mac tangent. The rest of what he writes is dead on target.

“Google Photos is a discomforting program that, like many of the Google initiatives and perhaps like the company itself, gives me the creeps. It’s just too weird and awkward,” Dvorak writes. “And here’s a reminder: after you load your terabytes of images up to the Google cloud, the company might just bail on the program and shut down the service out of the blue. It’s done that with a slew of its ideas.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Looks like the ol’ gasbag hasn’t lost the plot completely. Mostly, but not completely.

Always ask yourself, “What’s the catch?”


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