9to5Mac’s s news that Apple is developing ‘Proactive,’ an intelligent context-based solution that protects user privacy while exceeding the features of Google Now lends even more weight to development of big data driven AI solutions,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “No surprise then that a search of Apple’s job vacancies reveals at least 23 roles with ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in the job description.”

“A job description for a Siri Speech Platform engineer… makes clear that machine learning and big data are also part of the Siri team’s tasks. That’s the kind of machine intelligence you can expect from IBM’s Watson, or from other deep learning systems in development by other technology firms, including Facebook and Google,” Evans writes. “John Morrell was a leading engineer at Segway. Once at Apple he worked with Segway’s former chief technology officer, Doug Field, who decamped to Tesla Motors in 2013 where he is now VP, Vehicle Programs.These connections link neatly with the now much anticipated Apple Car.”

Evans writes, “Once you accept that Apple is developing in-car intelligence then it would be foolish to imagine it will not seek to apply this intelligence in other fields, such as self-healing machines, robotics and artificial intelligence, augmented services and automation.”

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MacDailyNews Take: With the debut of Apple Watch, Apple’s Siri has seemingly gotten turbocharged. It actually fulfills its original promise now. If you gave up on Siri some time ago, give it another try. The Siri of today will surprise you!


Apple preps Google Now rival with Siri API, augmented reality Maps, deep iOS 9 search – May 27, 2015