Is Apple is losing the photo wars?

“I’m an Apple user for a reason, and I really want Apple to do a great job of storing and presenting my photos. I’m rooting for Cupertino here, because I think the company has a history of being on the side of its customers,” Dan Moren writes fro Macworld. “But in addition to the wrinkles with its new photo solution, the company’s current approach to cloud storage pricing is simply not competitive.”

“Google and Amazon are both offering free options for storing a lot of photos, albeit with caveats, as well as low-priced plans for storing pretty much every picture you take,” Moren writes. “Apple, meanwhile, still has only a paltry 5GB for all your online data, and is charging twice as much as Google for a terabyte of storage. Some question the entitlement that leads us to argue that photo storage should be free — I say it’s not entitlement, but clearly a matter of market forces: when companies like Amazon and Google start offering free cloud storage, well, that’s competition at work.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Imagine Google in control of your photos:

• She looked good in 2005. Height estimate: 5′ 4″. Weight estimate: 110 lbs. In 2015, she’s up to an estimated 150 lbs. Serve up those Weight Watchers ads!

• The wedding photos were nice. June 7th, 2003. But, the photos of them together ended in 2014. He’s not consistently been with anyone significant since then. Serve up the dating ads!

• The post-chemo photos started in January 2008. They ended that same year. Now, they’re back and it’s looking worse than ever. Serve up the funeral parlor ads! (And start emailing the kids about how easy it is to transfer their mom’s Google Photos library to their devices – for FREE, of course.)

So, how’s “free” looking to you now?


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  1. Maybe this is a reason why Apple is building its own datacenters. I understand currently iCloud runs on Amazon’s datacenters and could be the reason Apple doesn’t offer ‘free’ storage, simply because it would be a loss center to do so until they have datacenters of their own like Amazon and Google.

  2. All fine and dandy, but I think Photos should simply start working and right now it doesn’t for me. Taking days to sync a few pictures (no ISP restrictions here in NL/EU) is just defunct. The thumbnails haven’t finished syncing on my iOS devices since Photos day one.
    Seems to be an iCloud issue here as most files sync glacially slow.

  3. This whole iPhoto and Photos with Apple being so stingy is the beginning of why I ditched my Mac for Windows 8.1 (soon to be the Windows 10) I just wanted to simply set up my own NAS storage for all of my photos in the new Photos app and boy did that turn out to be a real disaster! It turns out NSF+ is the worst file system ever for photos and it’s no wonder nobody else uses it! It’s the main reason iPhoto and Photos is so slow!

  4. “… when companies like Amazon and Google start offering free cloud storage, well, that’s competition at work.”
    No. That’s when they see an opportunity to monetise your possessions.

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