Chinese heir buys two solid gold Apple Watch Editions for his dog

Nicole Goodkind reports for Yahoo Finance, “The 27-year-old son son of China’s richest man is causing quite a stir in Shanghai after posting photos of his dog wearing two gold Apple Watches with the caption, ‘“I have new watches! I’m supposed to have four watches since I have four long legs. But that seems too uncouth so I kept it down to two, which totally fits my status. Do you have one?'”

“Apple’s gold watches retail for between $10,000 and $17,000 per watch depending on specifications and currently have a 3 to 4 week wait time,” Goodkind reports. “Wang Sicong is the son of Wang Jianlin who runs the real estate development company Dalian Wanda and is worth approximately $34 billion.”

“The dog reportedly lives a lavish lifestyle. According to Chinese news agencies, he only drinks Fiji water and is walked with Hermes leashes,” Goodkind reports. “Wang’s father who also owns movie-theatre chain AMC, blamed his son’s Western education on his faux pas saying that he had not yet learned Chinese subtlety.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hermes leashes? How gauche.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “David E.” for the heads up.]


  1. That’s about as much use as anyone will EVER get out of this silly, exhorbitant, ill-conceived, completely and utterly worthless joke of a so called tech product!

    1. On the one hand: millions of happy users and overwhelming positive media.
      On the other hand: orandy.

      Millions of happy users?

      orandy — Why are you here? If you’re not being paid, you REALLY need to get a life… maybe go see a good therapist.

  2. And I wonder if you gave the dog Fuji water in own bowl. and toilet water in the other, would it know the difference?

    Probably not, because the article has less to do with the canine than its fu#ked-up owner.

    1. Which is why self made billionaires should never leave their children money, else they become detached from any sense of reality or responsibility.

      1. I agree and disagree at the same time. I do think that having children not know how to earn a living does them a disservice in the long run, though I also don’t believe in the ‘self-made person,’ in the sense that it’s typically used, in that everyone benefits from the assistance of a lot of other people who typically don’t get any credit.

        Now, that’s not to imply that they didn’t take what they were given and run with it, though behind any self-made anyone are a lot of people and systems that enable them to be so.

        1. I, on the other hand, don’t agree. Two points:

          1. I think being detached from reality and responsibility has no correlation to income. E.g. scumbag multi-millionaires producing products that they know are crap or deadly. In fact, I’d say scumbag millionaires and billionaires are more common than the opposite.

          2. Western civilization comes largely from people who had plenty of leisure to sit around and talk and think… on the backs of slaves. Not having to get out into the fields didn’t ruin their intellects or prevent them from making massive contribution to the world.

          Being given money doesn’t, in and of itself, corrupt people. You could experiment by dropping 10 mil in my bank account. I will make incredibly productive and positive use of it.

          1. Never said that being detached from reality is directly related to income, though having lots of money certainly makes it easier (when you’re rich, it’s not just about money, but influence, making it significantly less likely that you’ll be called out).

            Not sure I get your second point at all, if only because you example seems to hold slave owners as some sort of paragon of wisdom.

            And while the founders of this country may indeed have been by most measures very smart people, they existed within a certain context, namely a society that they themselves defined.

            If I get to make the rules I’d probably look pretty clever to anyone not with the ability to do so.

            In other words, take them out of their own milieu, and I wonder how smart they actually were.

  3. Lacking “Chinese subtlety” means Dad must now bribe more officials. Let’s see if Samsung’s ad agency does a copy cat or spoof on pets with Apple products. Counselor, can you tell us which one is an Apple product?

    1. It’s not a good thing for an individual to embarrass a nation. And it’s really sad when a parent realizes his kid has turned out to be an asshat. But I’m pretty sure Daddy has control of the kids lifestyle right now. Maybe the child needs to learn humility, which is the lesson Mao was trying to give with the Cultural Revolution.

  4. “Wang’s father who also owns movie-theatre chain AMC, blamed his son’s Western education on his faux pas saying that he had not yet learned Chinese subtlety.”

    So he is blaming the west?!?!?
    1. Now I know where North Korea get it. 😉
    2. I guess his father hasn’t learned Chinese subtlety either.

  5. I give my dog bottled water. We often share a bottle. When I take a bottle out, I rinse out his bowl and pour half in for him. I drink the rest. It is hard to explain, but taking good care of your dog feels good.

    He’s not getting an Apple Watch though. He’s quite happy with his iPad.

  6. Wang Sicong is the son of Wang Jianlin who runs the real estate development company Dalian Wanda and is worth approximately $34 billion.

    Oh, they mean all that EMPTY GHOST TOWN real estate raised all over China? What a nut hole is China: Criminal Nation. Major slap back is in store after this lunacy reaches its inevitable conclusion: Real estate CRASH.

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