Analyst: Apple Watch will be the ‘most addictive device ever created’

“Global Equities Research released a report about Apple Inc., the fixing of slow app loading times on the Apple Watch and their impressions after attending a couple of iOS Watch Kit developer community events,” Javier Hasse reports for Benzinga. “”

“According to the note, ‘Apple WWDC’ 2015, June 08 to June 12, will be a significant catalyst for the AAPL stock ….developers expect AAPL to release a new Apple WatchKit SDK, which could allow developers to directly access Watch sensors. This will lead to a creation of new Untethered Apple Watch Apps,” Hasse reports. “In an email sent to subscribers, Trip Chowdhry answered a few questions regarding the report and some recent developments.”

“Chowdhry assures his firm is as bullish on the Apple Watch as it used to be,” Hasse reports. “‘Apple Watch will be the most addictive device ever created. Apple watch is production constrained not demand constrained,’ he concludes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: BINGO!


  1. Agreed on Flipboard. It’s pretty clunky and relatively unusable now.

    My favorite so far is Micro$oft OneNote. I take and use notes heavily and the MS implementation is very good. The only beef I have is the occasionally long sync time between the Watch, iPhone, desktop and web-based. Notes take a while to sync to Watch. Other than that it’s really useful – much more so than Evernote, unfortunately.

  2. The most addictive thing about the Apple Watch is actually how much people hate it.

    Since it came out, I haven’t been able to think of a device more stupid, unnecessary, and pointless than the Apple Watch.

    Apple should be ashamed!

  3. After doing the last SW update I found that SIRI is just wonderful. Now I do a lot of my phone calls through my watch. NO… don’t have to hold it to your mouth like Dick Tracy. It works fine while I talk and type at the same time. No problem at all. This is now my most addictive feature.

    The next most addictive feature is directions. All of a sudden my directions are hands free and “mostly” eyes free as well. Just love that indicator sound it makes for turns, and the gentle tapping on the wrist.

    What about that ((((TING!!)) sound for messages, that in itself is addictive.

    1. No worries…. since the inception of Apple Computer, Apple users have dragged the entire tech world into the future…. kicking and screaming. So strap-in and enjoy the ride! Its gonna be a wild one.

  4. “Apple Watch will be the most addictive device ever created”

    No, not by a country mile.

    The statement by the analyst qualifies as the most hyperbolic pulled out of ass statement published online so far in 2015. Beyond Fanboi.

  5. If Apple Watch did turn out to be the most ‘addictive’ device ever, then basically it’d be a failure in terms of what it set out to be. It’s supposed to untether people from their screens to get on with life, not just get them hooked into a smaller one.

    I suspect the writer doesn’t mean addictive at all.

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