“Coherent Navigation was founded in 2008 by a group engineers from Stanford and Cornell, and it specializes in High Integrity GPS, or iGPS, which combines signals from traditional mid-earth orbit satellite with those from the low-earth satellites (provided by Iridium) to deliver high accuracy and precision signals that are reportedly jam resistant,” WestEnd511 writes for Seeking Alpha. “According to Iridium, iGPS has the potential of pinpoint location with accuracy within centimeters compared with the current 10 feet. Besides GPS, Coherent also worked on a project involving autonomous navigation and robotics.”

“In my view, the near-term implication is that AAPL will likely introduce a new map at the upcoming WWDC,” WestEnd511 writes. “AAPL could incorporate Coherent accuracy into its own map to offer merchants, developers and users a more compelling mapping experience. The long-term implication could be the development of the rumored Apple Car, which requires high precision GPS to navigate the roads.”

“Besides the auto implications, I believe that AAPL could move into mobile advertising as the location-based ad and O2O [online to offline] trend catches up in the US,” WestEnd511 writes. “The idea is to have local merchants advertise on Apple Maps by notifying a user of an ongoing promotion and offer a discount to the user if the user purchases the promotion via Apple Pay. The user closes the transaction by going to the merchant for a physical pickup, thereby closing the transaction. This will not only allow Apple to generate advertising revenue but also payment revenue.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s putting the pieces in place for something(s) big, that much is clear. Beyond the vehicle implications/speculation, would you be interested in receiving location-based offers of discounts and special deals on your iPhone/Apple Watch?

Apple's WWDC 2015 invitation graphic

Apple’s WWDC 2015 invitation graphic

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