Why Apple’s ‘iPad Pro’ will flop or something

“An argument being made for the iPad Pro is that Apple will produce the large iPad to deal with slowing sales of existing iPads. New product, new sales is the theme,” James Kendrick writes for ZDNet. “The larger tablet will be a natural for the enterprise, we’re told.

“I don’t see it. An iPad this large doesn’t fit the Apple model when it comes to new products. If it does come to pass, I see it possibly becoming the biggest flop from Apple in years,” Kendrick writes. “The rumored iPad Pro doesn’t fit this business model. It’s nothing new, just a bigger iPad.”

“A 12 or 13 inch tablet is too large to have mass appeal. Sure, it would grab some consumers and get picked up by some companies, but the vast consumer market will not warm to such a big, honking device,” Kendrick writes. “As for the rumored stylus, Apple has always been against them since the launch of the original iPad. Steve Jobs made it clear that he was dead set against them, and I don’t think that has changed at Apple. Plus, the company would have to develop new technology to make it work well as existing styli are not good for heavy work with a pen.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iCal’ed for future reference as there’s certainly been a lot of patent activity focused on something that’ll offer “nothing new.”

And, why is “mass market” the criteria? If an “iPad Pro” helps cement ownership of the enterprise and education markets for years to come, would that not be a rousing success? Surely the world’s most valuable company can manage to make certain “niche” devices, assuming iPad Pro would even be “niche” (see below), that ultimately work to bolster the success of their platforms.

Imagine an edge-to-edge iPad, with inadvertent touch detection (already perfected by Apple) that’s not much bigger than an iPad Air is today, but that offers far more real display real estate and, potentially, smart pen and other coveted (side-by-side multitasking, of one) features? That’s not a “niche” device. That’s the next flagship “iPad.”

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  1. Most of the people who criticize the things Apple does couldn’t run a profitable front-yard lemonade stand. Where would Apple be if it didn’t take any chances at all? Let’s all just say such and such products will flop. Apple could simply say, “This product might flop, let’s not even try.” Apple has gotten where it is by taking chances. What’s wrong with a company attempting to establish some new category even if it is a risk? Apple is expected to take risks.

  2. People will want one, Industry will want truckloads, but Tim Cook will build only 10 and there will be none available for Christmas. Then when he ramps up on production the world will yawn.

    If you think I am wrong, I point you to what happened with the iMac, the Apple Watch, and the Macbook in the past.

  3. Apple’s ‘iPad Pro’ will flop. Yeah, I agree. Apple’s ‘iPad Pro’ will be flopping into my lap after I upgrade from my iPad original when Apple releases the thing! Hurry up Apple, baby needs a new BIG iPad…

  4. Steve said he did not like the idea of using a stylus when he introduced the iPhone the first time, not when he introduced the iPad. Errors like that make this author’s credibility even worse than it would be independent of that gaff.

    Steve also said when he introduced the original iPad that they started working on the iPad *BEFORE* they started working on the iPhone, and the iPad was delayed until later because there are more critical issues to solve with the iPad than the iPhone.

    Likely the same is true with the iPad Pro — just one such issue could be keeping a Retina display the size of the iPad Pro powered for a full day or more of typical use without having it be too large and heavy. In the last 5-6 years battery technology has matured more slowly than most of the rest of this industry. It’s quite possible that battery technology is just getting to the tipping point to make an iPad Pro practical.

    As for no one wanting one, to but it bluntly, is this guy nuts?

    Think of all the medical staffs in hospitals. The vast majority of them still use standard size clipboards and paper — or desktop computers — to log everything and check on the current status of things. Why are they not using the iPad or iPad mini (or Android equivalents)? Because the screens are too damn small. They can either pull up an X-ray, sonogram, MRI or whatever on a 19″ (or larger) screen with decent resolution or they can look at the physical media — or look at it on a screen much smaller than they are used to using. It’s obvious which one they pick.

    Now go to the iPad Pro’s size (or maybe even larger at a 15″ screen tablet). Many more health care personnel will use that size. The convenience of carrying around all their information (or have access to it over the LAN) is going to start outweighing the fact that the iPad Pro is still a bit smaller than they’d like. The flexibility and added efficiency will start to win out.

    Make an iPad Pro 12.9″ MINIMUM with true retina resolution (250 ppi at least) and the medical industry will start to swarm to it.

    AND, that’s just an example of a single industry… many, many others will have similar results.

  5. Indeed edge to edge (practically) would I think be a must for this to be a wow product and keep it compact though at the moment I’m not sure that Apple sees it that way. We can live in hope, but a pro tablet certainly will have serious Enterprise appeal especially within showroom, salesman and shop environments, perhaps opening up new shopping and display avenues even whole markets that the present iPad doesn’t quite live up to especially if added capabilities are provided.

  6. If Apple were to create a 12″ iPad Pro and you attached a keyboard/case to it (or via Bluetooth), then you would end up with new 12″ MacBook, except…

    * The 12″ MacBook would be lighter (current MacBook Air plus keyboard is approximately the same weight)

    * The 12″ MacBook would be faster (unless Apple releases a new A-series processor that bests it

    * The 12″ MacBook will run OS X while the iPad Pro would likely run a new version of iOS to enable split screen/multitasking.

    If Apple wanted to create a product to fill the niche that an iPad Pro + keyboard would theoretically occupy, then adding multitouch to the 12″ MacBook would be a straightforward solution that would also provide access OS X and OS X apps.

  7. I may confidently say so, that Apple iPad pro will be the Best till date. Apple has postphoned lauching of new iPads, because thier iPas sales are dropping day by day. Apple is believed to creating some exclusivity and extremity in their new iPad models. If rumours are to be believed, the new iPads of Apple will rock the market and beat the old ones.

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