Time Warner CEO ‘pretty confident’ Apple will launch Internet TV service soon

“Time Warner Chief Executive Jeffrey Bewkes said he’s ‘pretty confident’ Apple will launch a service that streams TV over the Internet,” Joan E. Solsman reports for CNET. “Bewkes made the remark Wednesday during a conference call to discuss Time Warner’s earnings.”

“‘We think Apple is very forward-thinking about television,’ he said, noting the computer maker’s deal with Time Warner as the launch partner of streaming service HBO Now,” Solsman reports. “Time Warner and Apple have close ties through the deal that made Apple and its devices the exclusive digital platform for launching HBO’s online-only service earlier this month. HBO chief Richard Plepler said on the call that HBO “couldn’t be more pleased” with that partnership.”

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MacDailyNews Take: June 8th at WWDC 2015 is going to be very interesting!


  1. Going into the time machine, here is the big news out of WWDC 2015:

    – A new generation Apple TV is announced
    – Apple TV now supports apps and games
    – Apple TV can now control you cable box (adios Comcast remote)
    – Apple announces the ability to purchase monthly subscriptions to channels including Showtime, NBA, NFL, ESPN, various college football leagues, and a number of smaller cable networks

    In related news, Comcast today announced a four-fold increase in the cost of their internet service when it is purchased without a cable subscription.

  2. Al la carte – not bundled.
    I do not wish to subsidize Disney via Disney or ESPN 1-15, Rupert Murdoch’s empire of Cheese Whiz (Fox) and Bullshit (Fox News) or Time Warner’s Chicken Noodle News (CNN).

    The only thing I want from ESPN is the ability to buy college football on a pay per view so as not to subsidize their endless video fellating of the SEC.

    1. Don’t confuse media company “Time Warner” (owner of Time, Inc., Warner Brothers, HBO, CNN, etc.) with cable operator “Time Warner Cable” (owner of a bunch of dumb pipes). They are entirely separate and unrelated companies. Jeff Bewkes is CEO of the former.

  3. Mind you, I couldn’t be happier about these unbundling developments….however, just in defense of “dumb pipes.”

    They’re VERY expensive to put in the ground, or pole space must be leased from the telcos. It’s an investment, essentially putting cash into the ground, that takes about 10 years to become revenue-positive. The head end with receivers, amplifiers, etc., and all of the cable boxes, customer service etc. cost $$. So we can all sneer at CATV, but it’s a system that works…sometimes much better than ‘netTV.

  4. Tim said TV is stuck in the 1970’s. I hope he wasn’t talking about just the interface, but the idea of actors acting in moving pictures as well.

    More and more people are spending entertainment time using social apps, playing games and watching user generated video. These activities are reasons why the iPhone and iPad have become so popular: it’s a new fun.

    If Apple or any other tech company wants to revolutionize TV they need to introduce a new paradigm. VR is interesting, but it requires cumbersome headgear and it only pleases the visual. But what about a device that can also tap into the other senses?

    Here is a movie trailer about a device that can do just that. A moment like surfing a wave is recorded by a particular person. This exact experience can then be played back and witnessed by another person.

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