Dream of $1 trillion valuation for Apple slips away

“Remember all the talk about Apple racing to be the first company worth $1 trillion?” Matt Krantz reports for USA Today. “Looks like the party will have to wait.”

“Shares of Apple (AAPL) are sinking along with the rest of the market. Apple’s stock is down $1.53 cents, or 1.2%, to $124.72 Friday,” Krantz reports. “But more importantly, shares have dropped $8.88 a share since peaking this year – erasing $51.7 billion in market value in just weeks.”

“That leaves Apple worth $726 billion – which makes it the most valuable in the Standard & Poor’s,” Krantz reports. “Some investors and analysts are still holding out hope for Apple’s $1 trillion dream. FBR on Thursday started covering Apple stock and outlined exactly how the company will still reach the $1 trillion level in market value.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What Steve Jobs hath wrought is just getting started. Watch and see.

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  1. “Remember all the talk about Apple racing to be the first company worth $1 trillion? Looks like the party will have to wait.”

    I do love the half wits. Yes, Apple racing to be the first company to be worth $1 trillion, followed by…..

    oh not mentioned in the article.

    I wonder how long a sports caster would last if he gave the results for only one team playing the game.

    Apple will get there, will the be the first? Who knows, it’s a good possibility.

  2. This happens EVERY SPRING! I have been selling AAPL every winter and buying every spring for 15 years. It never fails, but the analysts write the same fake stories every year.

  3. The stock has fallen some after pre-tax deadline buying frenzy . It doesn’t mean it will not be back up soon… especially after strong pre-orders for the Apple Watch showing that Apple will have yet another strong category on its hands but more importantly yet another reason for consumers to switch to, and stay in, the Apple universe of products.

  4. “Apple will not X because it has never X yet.”

    But then Apple does X…

    …”Apple will not Y because it has never Y yet.”

    Apparently this is some kind of fun game as people have been playing it for decades and losing but they keep playing anyway. And new players keep signing up.

  5. Oh, horseshit. AAPL will continue on up as the stock buybacks and dividends continue and its P/E stays embarrassingly low for a tech behemoth. That doesn’t even factor in the exponential increase in the ecosystem from the Watch. And stand by for WWDC in June. I’m not selling a share.

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