Cantor Fitzgerald: Apple Watch Edition to be huge in China

“Cantor Fitzgerald’s Brian White appeared on CNBC’s ‘Squawk Alley’ a short while ago with host Carl Quintanilla, talking about his bullish view on Apple’s Apple Watch, which went on sale for pre-order on Friday,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“White opined China may be the biggest buyer of the gold Edition,” Ray reports. “‘You know, we were just in China last week, and the interest there in Apple Watch is very high, at least as high as anywhere else,’ said White, adding ‘I would not be surprised if they sell more Apple Watch Editions in China than any place in the world.'”

Ray reports, “White noted lead times in China to receive the watch are ‘similar to the June time frame in the U.S.,’ an indication of demand, he stated.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As our own SteveJack explained back on September 9, 2014:

Apple Watch, starting at just $349, will be a massive hit. Already in its nascent, first generation form Apple Watch is an object of lust, a compelling design that screams, “Wear me! Everyday and everywhere!” With its rather remarkable Digital Crown and pressure-sensitive Force Touch Retina display, precision engineering, exacting build quality, and pioneering user interface, Apple Watch proves that innovation did not die at Apple when Steve Jobs left us far too early.

…Get ready for the world’s first real smartwatch: Apple Watch. Along with many millions of people, you are going to want an Apple Watch. All you have to do it touch it and see even a glimpse of what it can do and you’ll be sold.

Apple Watch already does so much, but once third-party developers get a hold of WatchKit and really dig in, the sky’s the limit!

Apple deserves a long standing ovation for Apple Watch. They have now proven definitively that they can still be “Apple,” exacting and demanding, without Steve Jobs shepherding over them. Tim Cook has proven his leadership to the world.

The Apple Watch is going to be a massive hit that sells millions upon millions of units.


  1. Steve Jobs greatest legacy was setting up Apple to follow, more or less, in his demanding footsteps. The hits will keep on coming with his team applying the same standards, purview and willingness to adapt new technologies, sometimes at the expense of existing products. Analysts find it hard to realize or accept this.

  2. I am pretty sure that Apple Watch Edition will not be ‘huge’ in China; it will sell in the same sizes that it does in the rest of the world: 38 mm and 42 mm.

  3. I see Apple is down today, so it looks like it was a wasted launch weekend for Apple. Wall Street obviously was not impressed with AppleWatch sales. A couple of million AppleWatch pre-orders was unfortunately not enough to please investors. AppleWatch hype was simply too much to overcome.

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