USA Today’s Baig reviews Apple Watch: ‘Second to none; I want one’

“Now that I’ve spent more than a week wearing the Apple Watch, I’m reserving a prominent spot on my wrist,” Edward C. Baig writes for USA Today. “Apple Watch is an elegant combination of style and purpose, even if it indeed often serves as a stand-in for the iPhone tucked away in your pocket or purse.”

“A smart watch isn’t an essential purchase like your phone is and that’s still so with the Apple Watch. I’m ready to get one anyway,” Baig writes. “Apple’s claim of 18 hours between charges seems accurate based on my pretty heavy daily usage.”

“Among smartwatches, Apple Watch is second to none,” Baig writes. “I want one.”

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  1. And yet Fandroid doofi won’t take away from this once and for all that Apple sets the standard all others then copy from and worshipping a copier like Shamsucks is it’s own fragmented, malware infested and third rate scattered ecosystem reward.

    1. There was no “wristgate” with the release of pebble or Samsung gear. If such a thing happens with the launch of the Apple watch, it would only serve to prove that haters are gonna hate. Seems like you might fall into that category.

    2. trolly, you seem to have forgotten our little talk the other day about focusing on the positive and leaving these nice people alone on this site.

      You are grounded and are not allowed internet access for a week. Get back under your bridge and think about it. Also, no goat for you this week.

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