Why I switched from iPhone 6 to Apple’s flagship iPhone 6 Plus

“Last month, I spent about two weeks with a loaner iPhone 6 Plus,” Stephen Hackett writes for 512 Pixels. “Last week, after being back with the 6 for about 10 days, I purchased a larger phone for myself, throwing caution to the wind with a mid-cycle purchase.”

“The first few days with a 6 Plus are awkward, even coming from the iPhone 6. I’ve dropped it a few times, and have learned that one-handed use while walking is a terrible idea for me,” Hackett writes. “Losing one-handed operation isn’t as big of a deal in practice as I thought it would be. In fact, it may be for the best. I’m much less tempted to pull my iPhone out while riding an elevator or walking down the street, and I think that’s a good thing. Hell, the Apple Watch seems to be built around that very idea.”

“Now that I’ve gotten used to it, the situational weirdness that arises carrying such a big phone is well-worth it to me,” Hackett writes. “The screen is great, the camera is sweet and the battery life is a game-changer.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As day one owners of every iPhone flagship model ever made, we can confidently say of iPhone 6 Plus: There is no substitute.

As we wrote back in October:

Unsurprisingly, we have both the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus… The iPhone 6 is a beautiful phone. It’s the second best smartphone in the world, in fact. But, lay them both on our desk and we’ll grab the Plus when heading out every time. We can simply get more done with it, the battery lasts far longer, and the camera is superior… All other so-called smartphones pale in comparison to Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus.

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  1. I cancelled my Plus order and when with the normal 6 after I held both models. But next time I will go with the Plus.

    My two concerns are it fitting in my back pocket and holding and typing with only one hand.

    Regardless, I am going with the Plus next time.

        1. The front left pocket in the only place i put my iphone whether on jeans or dress pants.
          I thought all men did it that way. Thats why i thought it was silly the notion of bending in a back pocket

  2. With all of the reservations most of us had about a larger iPhone we’ve now certainly embraced it. Still loving my iPhone 6 Plus. But unlike some I still use my iPad 3 as much as before, the 6 Plus just makes using it out in the wild more pleasurable. No bending issues even in my pocket. It’s still flat and straight as a pancake. All is well.

  3. I did the very same thing 4 weeks ago and haven’t regretted it for a moment. Now when I pick up a 6, it seriously feels like a 5. My only concern with the 6+ was if I could continue to carry my phone as I currently do (in my front pants pocket). This hasn’t really posed an problems whatsoever (except, perhaps for one particularly tight pair of jeans…

  4. When the 6s comes out this fall ill be getting my wife the 6s Plus. She does Facebook 😖 and all that garbage, uses FaceTime frequently and generally does a lot more non-phone things with her current 5s. She’ll clearly benefit from the greater screen real estate. Me? I’ll stick with the smaller screen model.

  5. Still can’t see myself switching from the 6 to the 6+. The benefits of one handed use, smaller form factor when jogging, and comfortably being able to put in my front pocket definitely outweigh the larger screen. Although, I DO wish I had the 6+ battery life.

  6. What’s this front and back pocket thing with a 6 (and especially a whopping huge a 6 Plus)? These are a thin phones. They are not magical. They are just as susceptible to the laws of physics as anything else. When a metal as strong as Titanium is rolled thin (as in Apple’s old laptops, the titanium bent quite easily. If you want a 6 Plus and you intend to carry it in a pants pocket, make sure you get AppleCare so that you can replace it when the inevitable happens.

    As for using a 6 Plus with one hand, it is not practical because for most hands it is just too darned wide. Try using the maps app when you’re driving. It is a total pain in the backside and causes such a distraction that it is downright dangerous. The only way to use it in a car is with a dash- or console mount.

    I bought a Plus for the simple reason that I cannot justify buying an iPad and because I can carry it in the inside pocket of my sports coat and windbreaker. I didn’t buy it because it was cool. I was willing to trade one-handed use for screen size. There was no other reason.
    My advice is, if you only want a Plus because it gets your testosterone going, take a chill pill and buy a 6.

  7. I actually just switched from the 6+ down to the 6. Although the 6+ screen was beautiful and the battery life was the bomb, it was just too big and bulky for me (I usually carry my phone in my front pocket). The battery life still easily gets me through the day, but i’m not a power user by any means

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