790 naked people: How Apple’s Final Cut Pro X helped set the skinny dipping world record

“This February (2015) I covered the successful Skinny Dip World Record in Australia,” Matt Holder writes for fcp.com. “I had covered the attempt last year which fell short by 60 skinny dippers so I had a pretty good idea what to expect.”

“One of my roles was to supply evidence to the Guinness Book of World Records,” Holder writes. “This meant that I had to provide a continuous locked off shot of all the (clothed) contestants being counted as they entered the beach area (I dedicated my GoPro and mini tripod to this task, taped up to a pole) as well as another continuous shot off the tripod of the actual skinny dip (The GH4 covered this in 4K).”

“FCPX being the magical software that it is, makes the import and organisation process a doddle. Not having to build image sequences with my GH4 timelapses saves a lot of time. The GoPro time lapses need a little bit of love. I usually build and animate them in Motion as you can just point Motion at a file of folders and it will interpret them as a single image sequence,” Holder writes. “It goes without saying that Apple’s FCPX ‘synergising’ with my iMac 27 inch makes the edit experience flow like butter allowing me to experiment with edits and be creative in a very organic fashion… This synergy occurs when you have a dedicated company developing both hardware and software together and its benefits are not to be underestimated. The fact that I can smoothly edit 4k timelines off my Macbook Air when I’m on the road is further testament to this.”

Read much more, and see the video, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s Final Cut Pro X is indeed “magical” software. Only Apple, which develops both the hardware and software, can deliver such results — and that’s the naked truth. Ba-dum-chhh!


  1. Ah all those naked Anustralians in the water and no sharks to make the final cut. Mind you it just shows that sharks have some good measure of taste.

    A skinny dip is a good event, I think most of them over there have the skills to be naked.

  2. Yes, the intergration between Apple hardware and software, in this case FCPX, has always been one of the HUGE benefits of buying Apple everything. However, with Apple’s decision to drop their other pro APP, Aperture, who’s to say FCPX isn’t next? I’m certainly no longer the believer in Apple product synergy as I used to be. Glad FCPX works for you but for professional still shooters we have been abandoned by Apple like I would have never dreamed. Apples demise of Aperture is a huge blow to their business model of getting people to buy in to the Apple Eco system due to their very profitable hardware that used to NEED their software. I coudn’t be more disapointed.

    1. Discontinuing Aperture was a stab in the back and should be rconsidered by Apple. The professional photogray market is an important maket for Apple, always was and always will be.

      I’m surprised that Apple, the company that puts so much effort into photos, cameras and has the best point and shoot on the market (iPhone) and now the perfect photo display, portfolio tool and toolset in the coming new iPod Pro, takes away Aperture from its core audience photographers.

      Attention Tim Cook and Phil Schiller – rethink this fast.

  3. re “who’s to say FCPX isn’t next?”

    I think there’s enough to be upset about in the world, without reacting to things that may or may not happen.

    “I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” Mark Twain

  4. Ugh! 790 naked people… How disgusting, even for Aussies! Where is Tim Cook’s “guide to absolute moral authority” tweet?!?

    If orange is the new black, who’da thunk, Tim Cook is the new Jerry Falwell.

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